Tech Tip: Inserting a Time Delay in the XF Focus Stacking Tool

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Time Delay for shooting with Strobe Systems

When shooting focus stacks with strobe lighting most likely you’ll need to build in a little extra time for the packs or monolights to recycle up to full power again.  Currently there is no delay in the Focus Stack Tool on the XF, but you can easily build in a delay with the following steps:

Set Drive Mode to Vibration Delay

Set the Vibration Delay time value to the amount of time you want your strobes to recycle and stabilize within:

In the Menu –> Capture Setup –> Vibration Detect set from ‘Auto’ to ‘Off’

Now, you’re using the Vibration Delay setting, but you’re ignoring the XF Seismometer data, so the camera will pause for the entire set delay duration before every shot.

(this technique is no longer relevant on or after Feature Update #3 for XF with built in delay control)

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