Tech Tip: Live View Frame Rate – Aperture Matters!

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If you’ve ever noticed the Live View of your Phase One CMOS back stuttering and you’d like to smooth it out, the following is worth noting.

Live View on Phase One IQ CMOS technology digital backs (50mp & 100mp) work independently of the ISO that it is set to and does not serve to preview your exposure. Changing your ISO to a higher value will not help Live View in any way to show a brighter view, but there is a brightness slider on the IQ menu you can use if the display is too dim for the environment that you’re previewing in.

On a bright sunny day outside, it has no problem flowing 20+ frames per second (FPS) of Live View feed to the LCD screen on the IQ, through the tether or streamed directly via Ad-Hoc Network to a Capture Pilot enabled iOS device. (IQ2 & IQ3 series only)

Unlike Hasselblad digital backs, the Phase back when attached to the DF/DF+/XF camera bodies automatically displays the Live View at the specific f-stop that the camera is set to and if you’re set to a higher f-stop number, may cause some lag in the responsiveness of the display, especially on cloudy days outside or most anytime inside.

Best practice:
Set the lens to wide open to rough in compositional elements, zoom into 100% to lock in critical focus, then set the camera aperture to the shooting value.  If using Capture Pilot, use LQ (Low Quality) to start with and switch to HQ (High Quality) if needed for critical evaluation.

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