TetherTools Tetherboost USB Controller

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We’re excited to announce that we will be carrying the TetherTools TetherBoost Core Controller. The TetherBoost™ USB 3.0 Core Controller is designed to boost and regulate power from a DSLR camera or digital back system eliminating USB 3.0 connectivity issues.  TetherBoost provides consistent power to maintain a stable, reliable connection when a camera is connected to a computer via USB cables. Capture Integration has long recommended the use of an externally powered USB hub device to ensure proper regulation of power. We’ve discovered that USB power from the ports of modern Apple computers have fluctuated more than the USB 3.0 standard calls for, and using an externally powered device helps ensure steady power flow for tethering and Live View functionality.

Capture Integration is currently testing this product. The TetherTools TetherBoost Core Controller will be available through Capture Integration for $54.95. Please call our headquarters if you would like to learn more.

TetherTools TetherBoost Core Controller

Power Options

While the TetherBoost™ doesn’t require power to operate with cables up to 15ft, using external power is optimal to reduce the drain on camera and computer batteries when shooting tethered. Using power is also recommended at any distances longer than 15ft. There are three options to provide external power. 1. Rock Solid External Power Bank – This rechargeable power supply comes with a USB-D/C power cable to connect directly to the TetherBoost. 2. TetherBoost USB-D/C Power Cable – If you already have a rechargeable power supply with a minimum of 500mA output, use this USB to D/C to connect it to the TetherBoost. (StrapMoore Extender shown for securely attaching battery to TetherBoost.) 3. TetherBoost A/C Power Adapter – Used independently with TetherBoost, the A/C Power Adapter will allow you to plug the TetherBoost into a wall outlet or power strip. Available for U.S. Standard, U.K. Standard, European Standard, and Australia Standard.

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