The Alpa 12 FPS + Canon Wide Lenses

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In preparation for an Alpa 12 FPS blog post I have been working on, I have spent quite a bit of time working the camera testing what it can do and getting familiar with it’s wide range of uses. One of my favorite setups has been using the camera with wide Canon lenses, such as the 17mm TS-E and 24mm TS-E. When used in conjunction with the IQ250 the 17mm becomes a 14mm and the 24 becomes a 21mm. This gives you the ability get wider than ever before with a MFDB with surprising clarity. Here are a few examples of using the FPS + IQ250 & 17mm TS-E:Click here to download the raw files as EIPs for use in Capture One.
IQ250 FPS Canon 17mm TS-E
IQ250 FPS Canon 24mm TS-E

And here we have a few using the FPS + IQ250 & 24mm TS-E:

Stayed tuned for the full Alpa 12 FPS blog post coming later this week.

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