Not All New Things Are Better – The P65+

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Like fine wine

In the age of innovation and technology, a new generation of your phone, software, or computer seem to come out once, or even twice every year. What iPhone are we on now, the 12, 13? Ive lost track.

Its falsely assumed that the older your tech gets, the further it recedes into the likes of the stone age. While rumor has it, your phone is made artificially slower by the big wigs who want you to buy their newest release, it isn’t true with everything. Take for example a vintage car, or an aged gouda (if you have exquisite taste). Theres a reason for the expression “aged like fine wine.” We would argue the P65+ is just that.

a white car

Just like cars after the permanent implementation of antilock brakes, seatbelts and airbags, cameras hit a point where, after a certain generation of advancements, everything following is a safe drive. Or in this case, a quality image. If you don’t believe me, a picture is worth a thousand words. Below is an image shot by CI’s Tech Expert, Brad Kaye, with the P65+. The camera’s release date was around lowest point of the Great Recession, and the same year Barrack Obama was inaugurated. My apologies in advance to anyone who Ive made feel old. That was over a decade ago. 2009

Hover over the image to get a closer look.


Thats cool. But what about even closer…




We’d go so far as to state that this nearly 13 year old full frame medium format digital back beats the images coming out of the majority of mirrorless cameras today.

Enough said.


Phase One P65+, Mamiya 645DF+, & Phase One 45mm f/2.8 Lens Kit – Pre-Owned

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