The New Phase One XT 150mm HO-S SB Lens

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Precision Detail. Distant Focus.

The first Phase One XT Lens.

Telephoto design for precision Landscape Photography needs. The Lens emphasizes the meticulous resolution necessary for the IQ4 150MP and beyond. The Short Barrel (SB) design requires the addition of the “XT Short Barrel Adapter” to utilize the full 90mm Image Circle.

Celebrating the Danish origin, the “Høj Opløsning” (High Resolution) lens is the first XT Lens developed, designed, and built by Phase One for the XT Camera System.

Borrowing from our Geospatial application expertise, and implementing for Digitization applications, the 150mm Telephoto design is a perfect fit for the XT Lens Portfolio and landscape applications.

The “S” moniker refers to Phase One’s measure of a “Standard” image circle. Measured against the design criteria of the XT Camera, the 90mm Image Circle provides 99.8% coverage for the XT’s available shift.

Expected to Ship End of March!

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