The New Profoto Pro D3 – Best Mono-head Output Consistency!

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We’ve been testing the very capable Profoto Pro-D3 mono head this week, and I’m happy to report that it provides the most stable output flash consistency of any mono head we’ve tested. In this test I used the 750 w/s model to better match in total output to the other 500 w/s variants.

Each of the mono-heads was tested at output values between 6-7 (of 10) for 30 frames each via automated time-lapse with 3 seconds of latency inserted between each firing of the camera. All heads were shot in their standard output modes.

Specific output was tracked in the resulting 8-bit color numbers within Capture One from the medium gray readout:

Very nice to see this new Pro product living up to expectations in this wonderfully powerful mono-head. -BK

Brad Kaye - Capture Integration Technical Service Manager

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Profoto Pro-D3 Pack-In Light

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