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NEW Pro D3 Pack-In Head

The New Pro D3 is available in two versions: 750 Ws and 1250 Ws. Built with long-life flash capacitors, AirX inside, and compatible with +120 Profoto modifiers. Its recycling speed is as fast as 1/75000 of a second.

The first pack-in head strobe designed to withstand the demands of large content creation studios. The most durable monolight in the world with relentless power.

Checkout the three flash parameters that resemble the flexibility of creative choice: for increased equipment lifetime and color consistency, run it in default flash mode (ECO); when in need of a little more power, toggle to Boost mode; to eliminate motion blur, thrive off the shortest flash duration to this day in Freeze mode. 

The Pro-D3 also features a very power-efficient LED-modeling light. It shines brighter than a 400-watt halogen lamp with only 15% of the power consumption. Beyond saving energy costs, this keeps light shapers cool and extends their lifetime. Additionally, the modeling light has a fixed daylight-balanced color temperature and spreads light like a flash, which gives an authentic representation of the light in the final shot.

Choose between full flash power or accent light; the 11 f-stop range, fine-tuned with 0.1 f-stop precision, provides nuances. For seamless synchronization between devices, the Pro-D3 is equipped with Profoto’s latest user interface and AirX technology, which gives way to a hassle-free workflow.


Profoto Pro-D3 750


Profoto Pro-D3 1250

Pro-D3 750Pro-D3 1250
Max energy750 Ws1250 Ws
Energy range11 f-stops (0.8-750 Ws)11 f-stops (1.3-1250 Ws)
Energy control increments0.1 f-stops (0.1-10)0.1 f-stops (0.1-10)
Recycling time230V/ 50Hz: 0.01-0.5 sec 200V /50Hz: 0.01-0.5 sec 120V/ 60Hz: 0.01-0.8 sec 100V/ 50Hz: 0.01-1.0 sec230V/ 50Hz: 0.01-0.8 sec 200V/ 50Hz: 0.01-0.8 sec 120V/ 60Hz: 0.01-1.2 sec 100V/ 50Hz: 0.01-1.5 sec
Energy stabilityEco mode: 1/600 s (10) – 1/5500 s (0.1) Boost mode: 1/600 s (10) – 1/5500 s (0.1) Freeze mode: 1/600 s (10) – 1/15900 s (0.1)Eco mode: 1/400 s (10) – 1/4000 s (0.1) Boost mode: 1/400 s (10) – 1/4000 s (0.1) Freeze mode: 1/400 s (10) – 1/12800 s (0.1)
Flash duration t0.5Eco : 1/1900s (10) – 1/7000s (0.1)
Boost: 1/1900s (10) – 1/7000s (0.1)
Freeze: 1/1900s (10) – 1/75000s (0.1)
Eco: 1/1400s (10) – 1/5000s (0.1)
Boost: 1/1400s (10) – 1/5000s (0.1)
Freeze: 1/1400s (10) – 1/62000s (0.1)
Color temperatureEco mode: 6100K +-100K
Boost mode: 6100K +-100K
Freeze mode: 6200K (10) -9000K (0.1)
Eco mode: 6100K +-100K
Boost mode: 6100K +-100K
Freeze mode: 6200K (10) -9000K (0.1)
Max f-stop @ 2m / 100 ISOBare: 22 6/10 Magnum: 45 4/10 OCF Magnum: 32 9/10Bare: 32 2/10 Magnum: 64 4/10 OCF Magnum: 45 7/10
Beam angle65°65°
Field angle106°106°
Continuous light
Lamp typeLEDLED
Max power56W56W
Dimming range100-1%100-1%
Color temperature5600K +-100K5600K +-100K
Color rendering Index (CRI)Over 92Over 92
Max luminous flux (lumen)6,300 lm6,300 lm
Max illuminance @ 1m (lux)Bare: 2380 lx | Magnum: 16540 lx | OCF Magnum: 25530 lxBare: 2380 lx | Magnum: 16540 lx | OCF Magnum: 25530 lx
Beam angle65°65°
Field angle105°105°
Wireless connectivity
Built-in connectivityProfoto AirXProfoto AirX
Frequency band2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Supported Profoto Air functionsSync, TTL, HSS, Remote control (Air 1 and Air 2)Sync, TTL, HSS, Remote control (Air 1 and Air 2)
No of Air channels100 (1-100)100 (1-100)
No of groups per Air channel Supported apps for Bluetooth devices6 (A-F)6 (A-F)
Supported apps for Bluetooth devicesProfoto Camera and Profoto Control appsProfoto Camera and Profoto Control apps
Wireless operating rangew/Profoto remotes: 0.5-100m (1.5-330ft)
w/Bluetooth devices: 0.1-30m (0.3-90ft)
* in optimal conditions up to 300m (1000ft)
w/Profoto remotes: 0.5-100m (1.5-330ft)
w/Bluetooth devices: 0.1-30m (0.3-90ft)
Sync1 x 3.5 mm socket (mini-phone)1 x 3.5 mm socket (mini-phone)
OtherUSB-C service portUSB-C service port
Power supplyAC 100-240V 50/60HzAC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Mains fuse requirement10 Ampere10 Ampere
Firmware updateVia BluetoothVia Bluetooth
Stand adapterYes, for standard 5/8 studsYes, for standard 5/8 studs
Umbrella mountYes (in stand adapter)Yes (in stand adapter)
Operating temperature0 °C to +35 °C | +32 °F to +95 °F0 °C to +35 °C | +32 °F to +95 °F
Storage temperatureStore in normal indoor conditionsStore in normal indoor conditions
Width13.0 cm (5.12 in)13.0 cm (5.12 in)
Length34.5 cm (13.58 in)34.5 cm (13.58 in)
Height20.0 cm (7.87 in)20.0 cm (7.87 in)
Weight3.6 kg (7.94 lbs)4.1kg (9.04 lbs)


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