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Whats New

The Profoto B10X & B10X Plus are multipurpose off camera lighting solutions for both video and still photography. These cordless heads are under 5 lbs and include adjustable brightness and color temperature for their continuous lighting feature. They are the shape and size of the standard 24-70mm lens, have built in AirX (Bluetooth technology), and are compatible with Profoto A series flashes, all Profoto Air Remotes, the Profoto app and 120+ Profoto light shaping tolls (including OCF range)

New Features Include

  • More Continuous Light – a 30% increase in brightness – 3250 lumens
  • Faster Recycling Speed – up to 35% more – 1.35 seconds – 2.0 seconds

In the chart below we’ve outlines a few notable specifications that are important to look at when comparing or upgrading to the B10X and B10X Plus from their predecessors the B10 and B10 Plus. More specifications can be found on Profoto’s website linked below in the chart details.

Specification B10B10 Plus B10XB10X Plus
Price (single head)$1795$21951,995.002,295.00
Max Energy 250 Ws500 Ws250 Ws500 Ws
F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO11.9 16.711.916.7
Recycle Speed0.05-2 s0.05-2 s0.05-1.3 s0.05-2.2 s
Max Continuous Brightness (lumens) 2500 250032503250
Strobe Battery Capacity (full power flashes)400 200400200
Continuous Light Run Time Up to 75 minsUp to 75 minsUp to 65 minsUp to 65 mins
Weight (lbs)
More information and specifications can be found HERE

As shown in the chart above, the B10X and Plus maintain the same light weight, bluetooth capabilities and comparative max Ws as their predecessors, but their recycling speed and continuous light output is greatly improved. It may be noted that the continuous light run time for the B10X and B10X Plus is shortened by ten minutes. However, what is the use of an extra ten minutes, if the light isn’t bright enough for what you want to shoot anyway.

So, whats the use of brightening the modeling light?

For many years continuous and strobe light sources have remained in two separate worlds. To switch from still to video meant an entirely new set of equipment was needed. Strobes often had modeling lamps, but they always lacked the power to successfully light a video.

Profoto’s B10 made a progression towards creating a more versatile lighting solution by adding an adjustable color temperate and brightness feature to its modeling light. However, the amount of brightness you could adjust was still sub par to a dedicated continuous light.

In order to improve its ability to light both still and video, the B10X & B10X Plus have added nearly 1000 lumens to their modeling lights max brightness. Over double the brightness of the Profoto C1 and nearing close to that of dedicated continuous lights like the Godox SL.

While this improvement is noteworthy, it doesn’t mean that the B10X’s are now the ultimate solution for your video needs. Anyone who considers buying them to use as a continuous light should consider whether or not they are reasonable for their specific application.

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