Ultimate Photography Workshop with Jodi Jones

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Fashion photographer Jodi Jones photographs Natalia LaLonde of New York Model Management on-location in the Dominican Republic with the phase one 1q250 camera.

7 Day / 6 Night Fashion Photography, Lighting & Marketing Workshop

October 30th – November 5th, 2015

In the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic



New York Fashion photographer Jodi Jones is offering this exciting opportunity to learn side-by-side her and learn her techniques for creating compelling fashion and beauty images in the studio and on-location, along with essential marketing and business skills to be able to compete in today’s competitive marketplace and be profitable! Here is an opportunity of a lifetime!  Limited number of students! With Jodi, her professional team, and the exotic lush landscape of Dominican Republic… You will be creating stunning images that will be jaw dropping portfolio ready.




$5200 in total
$2600 deposit | balance of $2600 due by end of Sept.



      • 7 day / 6 night stay in Dominican Republic at a beautiful beachside hotel – Friday, October 30th -Thursday, November 5th, 2015.
      • All photography & post-production lessons with New York Fashion Photographer Jodi Jones.
      • Studio Beauty and Fashion Editorial Lighting & Workflow, and Lighting & Camera Equipment Training.
      • 2 On-location High Fashion Shoots and Training Sessions.
      • A Day of Post-Production retouching Education.
      • The professional agency model & crew’s time & talent, and all the high res beautiful images that you took – for your portfolio.
      • Usage and training of the Phase One Medium Format Camera system and Lenses.
      • Usage and training of the Hensel and Chimera Studio and Portable Lighting Equipment.



    Having set lighting positions allows you to easily communicate to your assistants and crew on where to place the lights, and gives you a solid foundation and understanding of the effect light plays on the face and body in different positions.

    We will discuss the fundamentals for lighting for fashion including the seven main lighting positions that I use in my work. You can apply this to your work and we will practice them. We will cover gear, on location, and in studio lighting.

    We will talk about how to control your light to control a mood and making the light seem natural. Creating sunlight when its overcast, controlling available light. We will play with lighting modifiers and where to place the light for the best impact.

    “Into the Wilderness” fashion editorial for Kurv magazine by ny paris fashion photographer jodi jones. Jodi Jones is an art director and fashion photographer based out of New York City and Paris, France, shooting fashion editorials and ad campaigns.


    We will be using the recently announced the Phase One IQ3 XF! We will have the Phase One IQ3 XF Phase one medium format camera for you to use to create the highest quality images. For lighting you will be using high end Chimera Studio Lighting and Hensel Portable Lighting Equipment.


    Any level of photographer that wants to create stunning images for their portfolio. You will learn new studio & on-location lighting techniques, vital retouching skills, how to better market yourself, business skills that will help you make more money, all this while having a truly exciting adventure photographing high fashion NY models. You will leave with stunning photographs for your portfolio and a new focus on marketing making money.



    Portfolio Development: You will photograph a beautiful high-fashion model. Jodi will be going over the “shot list” with you. Jodi will teach you how to approach a fashion shoot before getting “on set”. We will discuss creating a story & individual vision. With Jodi’s strong vision you will be guided to achieving beautiful portfolio images of your own.

    Posing the model: Jodi will talk about the steps to properly communicating emotion through poses. Jodi will show how to achieve a emotion while balancing the story. Each photography student will be given time with the models & will have Jodi & her assistant there to instruct them


    We will be working side by side on files created during the week. Make sure to bring your laptop and Wacom tablet. Jodi’s digital tech will go over the post-production workflow: using Capture One, DNG conversion, editing in photo mechanic, Adobe Camera Raw, and vital retouching tips and techniques used to make your images have that special magazine quality polish.

      • Masks
      • Dodging and Burning
      • Blending Modes
      • Liquify
      • Retouching Skin
      • Healing
      • Layers


    The Business of Fashion Photography. We will have an in-studio session where Jodi and her team cover all the fundamentals of how to help your BUSINESS take off, marketing ideas, and how to make money and profits.

      • Branding
      • Social Media
      • Contracts / Estimates
      • Business Cards / Promo Cards
      • Usage
      • Marketing / Publishing
      • Website Portfolios
      • Representation
      • Email Marketing Campaigns


    Day 1 – OCTOBER 30th, 2015

    Arrival dinner at sunset.
    You will fly into Puerto Plata Airport. You will feel as though you’ve entered a new world, and you have! Once you get settled into the hotel, you will meet all the NYC crew, models, and Jodi Jones over a community sunset dinner to get the opportunity to get to know one another in a laid-back, relaxing setting. We will discuss the plans for the workshop and then take in the beauty of the beautiful Dominican Republic area.

    Day 2 – OCTOBER 31th, 2015

    Studio Beauty and Fashion Editorial Lighting & Workflow, and Lighting & Camera Equipment. Training.

    After a wonderful breakfast we will begin preparation. This day Jodi will show you what goes into producing a shoot. There will be a presentation presented by Jodi where she will take you through her work and processes on creating the images. Jodi and her assistants will go over all the equipment that will be used during our shoots so that everybody becomes familiar with it before our sessions. The latter part of the day, we will work in the studio with Phase One Cameras, Studio Lighting and Lighting Modifiers. You will learn the lighting techniques of the pros in Fashion & Beauty Photography. Jodi will teach the balance between Aperture F-stop and the strobe to achieve your desired lighting. Jodi will show you how she approaches a beauty shoot in the studio and will go over several lighting set ups with a NY agency model and her full crew. The shoot will be tethered, taking you step-by-step of Jodi’s workflow using medium format cameras.

    Day 3 – NOVEMBER 1st, 2015

    Outdoor High Fashion Shoot 1.

    We will start our morning early with a delicious breakfast so we have the energy for our amazing shoot day. While our hair/makeup artist transforms our beautiful models into a supermodel, and our talented fashion stylist creates the looks for the day, Jodi will be going over the “shot list” with you. Jodi will teach you how she approaches a fashion shoot before getting “on set”. We will discuss creating a story & individual vision with our images. Once the models are ready we will head to Dominican Republic’s breathtaking location. We will shoot 2 “looks” on the model. Each photography student will be given time to create their images & will have Jodi & her assistant there to instruct. We will be showing you how to creatively light the models. After our incredible fashion shoot we will head back, drop off the equipment, download all the image files with Capture One Software, then discuss the day’s session over a nice sunset dinner together.

    Day 4 – NOVEMBER 2nd, 2015

    Outdoor High Fashion Shoot 2.

    This time after our nutritious morning breakfast we head to a beach with a canopy of trees, ocean and mountain views. We will discuss our “fashion story” and how to give our shoots greater depth & meaning. On this day Jodi & her assistant will be lighting the model with portable lighting kits for amazing fashion shots, and each student will be photographing the model in the unique “looks.” Jodi will explain how to use the strobe and sun together with unique lighting setups as they are used to create the most compelling images. We will break for a picnic lunch on the beach & shoot one last “look” at sunset using the lights as “fill light” for our model.

    Day 5 – NOVEMBER 3rd, 2015

    A day of exploration & fun.

    Even though everyday will be over-the-top fun, today we all will have breakfast together resting after our long shoot day, then touring the beautiful Dominican Republic landscape to get inspiration for the next day shoot. You will be overlooking the ocean to recharge your creativity, exploring the area, and scouting the breathtaking area and the pura vida way of life. Whichever of the hundreds or beautiful locations we decide, we can have it planned for the next days shoot to make the most of our time in this tropical paradise. We will end the free day with a community sunset dinner and drinks.

    Day 6 – NOVEMBER 4th, 2015

    Post-production retouching, Marketing and Business Skills.

    After a hearty breakfast, we go over all the images we shot the following three days. Jodi shows you all of her post-production workflow on her mac: using Capture One, DNG conversion, editing in photo mechanic, using Adobe Camera Raw, and vital retouching tips and techniques used to make your images have that special magazine quality polish. Jodi will show you in CS6: layer masking, adjustment layers & blending modes, liquify, healing brush & the extremely important dodge & burn techniques to give your model a flawless fashion look. Jodi will cover creative tips & tricks to enhance your photoshop skills. If you have your own laptop (& Wacom pen tablet is great also) you can work along side her on your images. Bring a portable external hard-drive to take home with you all of your stunning, newly created high resolution fashion images. This will be a full day of post-production (to the sounds of the ocean none-the-less). In addition to learning the skills of post-production, we will cover an essential part of photography – the business. We will have an in-studio session where Jodi and her team really cover all the fundamentals of how to help your business take off, marketing ideas, and how to make money and profits.

    Day 7 – NOVEMBER 5th, 2015

    We say our goodbyes over breakfast and recap the week. Awwww… the adventure may be over here in Dominican Republic, but the memories, friendships created & fashion images will live on. Come join us for this exciting & extremely rare 7 day / 6 night high fashion photography adventure.

    To register for the 7-day extensive, portfolio building workshop October 30th – November 5th, 2015 in the Caribbean, click here.


    “Who would have thought taking me so far out of my comfort zone, would have been so wonderful, as one day into the trip I felt as comfortable and content as ever. Jodi and the crew made the trip one that was filled with knowledge, fun and excitement. There is no doubt that I would do it all again. It was so worth it! Thank you Jodi and the team for an amazing trip and memories that I can keep forever!”

    Amy Cowley – Costa Rica Workshop Attendee

    “The energy of Jodi Jones’s Workshop was phenomenal! Learning the workflow and techniques of a professional international TOP photographer is fantastic.”

    Edison Cortez – Director of University Sao Paulo – CUENSP

    “I greatly appreciate what you did to my portfolio! It was enlightening for me! Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with us! After knowing you I consider your photographs even better because I realized that you have passion for what you do! Thank you so much!”

    Andressa Parice Dos Santos – Brazil Workshop Attendee


    NYC Fashion Photographer JODI JONES is a successful creative director and fashion photographer who has spent over 10 years shooting Campaigns, Editorials, and Runways for New York City’s Fashion Week. Jodi has been invited by the world’s most recognized designers including Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and Anna Sui to shoot their collections. Jodi Jones also shot Kenneth Cole’s recent video campaign with AKQA. Her photographs have appeared in Zink, Vogue, Kurv, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Time and countless others. Jodi has photographed numerous celebrities including Jack Nicholson, Moby, J-Lo, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson to name but a few. Jodi works in various forms of multimedia; from complex fashion shoots producing both still image campaigns to creative fashion films and videos. Jodi creates compelling imagery and concepts for fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, art installations, runway shows, fashion designer lookbooks, beauty campaigns and fashion accessory companies. Jodi is represented by ZUMA Press. The Lifetime TV special “Women on Top”, a show about women achieving success in a male dominated industry, did a full episode on Jodi’s early fashion career. www.jodijonesstudio.com

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