Upgrade Your SINAR View Camera

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Digital Fine Focus Upgrade

If you own a Sinar p3, a Sinar p2, or a Sinar x view camera and would like to update your fine focusing drive? Sinar has a simple and quick solution for you  with an all inclusive service.


  • Send your Sinar partner your Sinar view camera
  • Sinar performs the upgrade and fit the camera with digital fine focus drives
  • Sinar repairs everything on the camera that needs repairing *
  • You pay a flat-rate, no matter what possible repairs *

No cost estimate, no time delays –
all included – simple and quick!

Terms & Conditions:

1. There are two different flat-rates:

  • Sinar p3 (code P7430) Flat Rate of 900 Euros!
  • Sinar p2, and the Sinar x (code P7431) Flat rate of 1,490 Euros!

2. The flat-rates include the upgrade and cover any repairs caused by regular wear and tear (spirit levels, rails, cogs, rubbers, etc.).
Flat-rate P7431 also include the design adaptation of the Sinar p2 or the Sinar x to have all drives on both standards changed from black to silver rings.

3. In order for the equipment to be upgraded, the Rear Standard and the Front Standard must be sent in… of not the upgrade cannot be performed.

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