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Are you ready for a change? Is there a new feature, sensor, or size that you have been waiting for? There are a number of different ways to move from your current digital camera to the latest technology. But each one has its pitfalls. Here are some options:

  • Sell your current system on e-bay and take the risks of fraudulent buyers
  • Reach out to some of the large pre-owned retailers online and receive the lowest trade in value
  • Spend the time and effort to work with personal buyers from social or online connections
  • Work with a retailer to upgrade to a system from the same manufacturer

Instead of having the risk or spending the time to sell it yourself, it is much easier just to work with a company that has the best reputation in the industry for customer service and integrity. The advantages of calling Capture Integration when you move from one system to the next are:

  • The ease of working with one professional for both the trade and the new system purchase
  • Higher trade values than anyone else in our industry
  • An intensive certification process that guarantees all preowned products sold will be “like new” condition
  • All Capture Integration Certified products will have a 6 month to 1 year warranty
  • Move from one manufacturer to the next and not locked in to the same product line
  • Rent the camera first from CI and then have the full rental go towards the upgrade
  • The comfort of complete trust on both ends of the transaction

More than half of our camera sales today are now upgrades. Many customers are looking for the next leap in camera technology. However, some are trying to find the balance of size, price, and resolution. It is easy to say that finding the right camera for each of our clients is our priority, but we take it to the next level of customer service. There are so many factors that make a camera right for each client and some you just can’t read in a post. Furthermore, it seems like every photographer acts like an expert online today. Many are sponsored in order to give products rave reviews. So who do you trust? How about the company that has each of these cameras on their shelf? How about the company where each employee is a photographer and has tested and shot each camera?

“I went to CI to buy a new system. And after a long discussion, Dave said “I am not selling this camera to you. I think that technology hasn’t met your standards.” That is when I knew I had a long term partner in the industry.”

George Fulton, Columbia, SC

Give us a call and let us know your thoughts. If you have never held the camera, rent it from us for the weekend to see if it is right for you. Send us an e-mail with your gear list and let us get back to you on trade in values. Feel the comfort of trusting every step of the process with a partner in the photographic industry.


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