While The Boss Isn’t Looking Sale!                             

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One of the best parts of the new staggered schedule is that “the boss” isn’t in the office every day!  So we have taken this opportunity to pull some random products off the shelf and offer them at a ridiculous price that we know he wouldn’t approve. Hopefully, you will enjoy this little exercise with us and might even see something that we can ship to you before he finds out!

Pre-owned, in great shape, and in the original box.

Also pre-owned and in original box!

Our demo unit with original carry bag.

An Achromatic at this price?

New and our choice of tool for focus calibration!

New in box as we are no longer carrying Canon.

A sharp manual macro lens to add to your kit?

New in the box and ready for a home!

Please help us get this out of our office……..  🙂

How to order?

Contact your CI Salesperson or our home office at 877.217.9870.

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