Why Capture Integration is different…

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It’s Black Friday.

My inbox has been blasted by photographic retailers relentlessly over the last week.  In fact I have received 4 separate e-mail from B&H in the last 36 hours.

I want to apologize to all of our customers today who are looking for the Capture Integration Black Friday “You Must Have it Now” Discount e-mail.  But after strong consideration this year, we have decided to walk our walk instead of trying to keep up with the box movers.

Capture Integration was created and is still run with strong family values in mind.  We strive to be the one company you can call and receive honest answers from REAL people on the other end of the line.  With this said, we believe that Black Friday should be spent with those that you love the most.  It doesn’t matter if this means good friends, life partners, or your whole extended family.  Capture Integration will no longer be open on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  We prefer to think of this as “Family Friday” instead. This is where we as a company are today and we sincerely hope that you are with the ones that mean the most to you today as well.

Please come back on Monday for some exciting announcements but for now, please enjoy Family Friday with the CI Family.

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