Why You Need to Make 2017 Year End Purchases Today!

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As everyone knows, we often see aggressive end of year promotions from manufacturers and this year is no exception. But there are reasons to purchase now – above and beyond just getting a great deal.

Spend Now To Lower Your Net Taxable Income

Via section 179, you can deduct up to $500,000 and more for equipment purchases, which includes new and even used hardware, and in some cases, software. Had a great year? Take advantage of great equipment specials and lessen your tax burden at the same time.

Write Off the Full Purchase of Equipment in 2017!

Some Deals Are Expiring Early

broncolor is offering 2 fantastic deals right now, 20% off broncolor Accessories and 25% Trade In credit. However, both deals expire on December 15, this coming Friday! These are rare promotions from broncolor.

Start Now To Take Advantage Of Great Financing Deals

Capture Integration is offering 0% financing toward qualifying products. The financing process will take some time, so do not wait until the last minute. Get that started today!

Some Manufacturers Shut Down Before End Of Year

Many manufacturers shut down for the holiday and cease all shipments as early as December 20. If you don’t want your order backlogged, get your order placed today.

Sometimes Prices Go Up In The New Year

In the digital age, we’re accustomed to the concept of prices going down over time. But this is not always the case, and especially with some analog equipment, such as lighting and grip, prices often go up in January/February. Double your savings with a December special ahead of a price increase in the new year.

Refurbished Specials Are Limited Quantity – Don’t Miss Out

Soe of the year end specials cover refurbished or CPO (Certified Pre-Owned). These are always limited quantity. Everyone else is shopping these too, so grab that refurbished lens you’ve been waiting for today.

Great Deals are below, take advantage now:

0% APR Just In Time For The Holidays

Phase One 4th Quarter Promotions

Save 50% on Leaf Credo to Phase One Upgrades

CI Certified Pre-Owned List

Shop broncolor Promotions Now!

Upgrade Your SINAR View Camera

New ALPA GON Tripod Christmas Special!

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