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Shooting tethered in a studio and replacing batteries has always been one of those little annoyances. No one wants to keep changing batteries during a day long photo shoot when you are in a location where you can actually use AC. While tethered battery charging has worked we have never been completely happy with it for many reasons. Finally, the Phase One XF AC Power Supplies were sent to us and we happily jumped in to test these guys to see if they were right for our client base.

Rated at 24 volts of DC output, the XF Power Supply plugs straight into the side of your XF camera and when coupled to an IQ3-series digital back, will supply endless power to both camera and DB for the duration of your shoot.

I loaded up two mostly depleted 3400 mAh batteries into the XF and IQ3-100, turned Charging from PC to OFF on the IQ3-100, set the XF Time Lapse Tool to shoot very 7 seconds and watched as the power supply not only fueled the system but charged the batteries while shooting.

Start of Shooting, IQ3-100 Battery @ 10%, XF Battery @ 45%

236 captures in: IQ3-100 Battery @ 35%, XF Battery @ 63%

I then left the camera and back powered but idle and within an hour and a half, both batteries were fully charged.

Yes, you read that correct, fully charged. This is the product that our XF studio and repro shooters have been waiting for. I am happy to say that we fully recommend them and they have the CI stamp of approval.

This product, however, can not be ubiquitously recommended for use with XF & IQ4 digital backs.   See:  Powering the IQ4-150

We have them in stock ready to ship today. You can purchase it online here or call us at 877-217-9870.

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