Alpa Sale (New Inventory & Pre-Owned)

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ALPA ProductsOriginal PriceSales Price
ALPA 12 STC Body$5,305$2,990
ALPA 12 SWA with wooden grips$5,383$2,990
ALPA 12 Plus Body$7,800$5,990
ALPA 35MM APO-Digitar XL Lens$2,990$1,290
ALPA 72MM APO-Digitar L Lens$3,900$1,990
ALPA ALPAGON 90MM HR E-Shutter 250 Lens$10,600$7,499
ALPA Alpagon 90mm HR SB34 Copal $9,400$6,990
ALPA Backadapter for Hasselblad V$1,205$590
ALPA Dove Tail Tripod Mount Flat UniQ/C Square$145$115
ALPA FPS 17mm Tilt/Swing Adapter 0-5deg. (#450.888.010)$1,550$1,290
ALPA FPS AC Power Supply (#170.888.010)$265$225
ALPA FPS Cable for C1 (#170.888.310)$225$199
ALPA HPF Ring (Variety)$300Call For Price
ALPA Lens Shade HR70 - Type C1$370$229
ALPA Multi-Use 11mm Adapter$555$299
ALPA Novoflex Bellow Adapter for FPS SB17 to BALPRO 1/TS (#450.020.020)$335$249
ALPA Novoflex Bellow Adapter w/ Hooks for BALPRO 1/TS (#450.020.010)$415$249
ALPA Novoflex Focusing Rail w/Adjustment Handle, Castel-Q (#400.400.012)$475$249
ALPA Novoflex V-Groove Adapter for BALPRO 1/TS (#450.020.030)$230$169
ALPA Pro Lens Shade PLS for Lenses w/Diameter 70-75mm$540$199
ALPA Right Finger Grip for 12TC, Synthetic, Black (#040.090.010)$170$99
ALPA Smart Device Holder MK II w/ Wide Angle Converter (#070.050.025)$805$149
ALPA Smart Device Holder MK III (#070.060.010)$545$149
ALPA Spirit Level, Round (#400.120.010)$560$299
ALPA Stitching Adapter MK I for 12 MAX (#010.700.105)$255$100
ALPA Sync Release MK I (#170.800.010)$685$499
ALPA Viewfinder Mask (Variety)$99-$170Call For Price
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