Capture One 11 – Tested & Approved

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As the Capture Integration Tech Support Manager, I highly recommend that you always read the release notes of any new software platform that you install. With increases in speed and stability comes eliminations of slower computers or operating systems. Please do your due diligence to make sure your computer specifications are compatible with this new version.  – Brad Kaye

We have been and are continuing to test this version and we approve it for use.

Full feature notes available in the download package from Phase One 

There is a known issue with the importer that brings the files in from card out of order which can cause difficulties with applying import naming conventions.  Phase is aware of this issue and the problem will be patched soon in a dot release.  The current workaround is to import w/o a naming convention then apply the convention once everything from the card is already on the computer.  -BK (1/2/18)  [Patched with 11.0.1 1/10/18]

New Feature Summary
• Annotations
• Export with Assets
• Improved “Back-up And Restore” mechanism for Catalogs
• Duplicate checker for the Importer
• LAB Readouts for Pro edition
• Levels as a Layer Adjustment
• Color Balance as a Layer Adjustment
• Create new Filled Layer
• Presets for Layer capable tools
• Master Opacity
• Feather Mask
• Refine Mask Edge
• Clear Mask
• Greyscale Mask preview mode
• Expanded AppleScript

• Catalog load speed improved
• Brush/masking performance improved

Miscellaneous Improvements
• Redesigned Local adjustments concept (now Layers)
• New Custom Tool Tab icons
• Color Editor logic for blending multiple Layer Adjustments
• Layer creation options
• Toolbar Auto Tool aligned with Tool Auto
• Added Brightness and Contrast parameter to Auto

You can purchase Capture One Pro 11 License Key’s here or you can give us a call at 877-217-9870 if you would like to upgrade your Capture One Pro 9 or 10 license key to 11.

Grace period
For customers who have purchased Capture One Pro 10 or Capture One Pro Sony 10 since October 31th, 2017, Phase One is offering a grace period, exempting them from the upgrade fee. Contact us if you think you fall under this grace period.

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