Firmware Update 1.2.0 Brings Focus Bracketing to X1D II 50C

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Exciting new firmware release today from Hasselblad for the X1D II 50C AND 907X Special Edition Cameras!

Firmware 1.2.0 provides:

1. Video functionality​
Expanding the imaging options of the X1D II 50C and 907X Special Edition, 2.7K (2720 x 1530) & HD (1920 x 1080) video capture has been added. Video can be recorded at 29.97 fps with 4:2:0 8bit color. The 2.7K resolution option delivers improved capture of detail, whilst balancing the final video capture size.​​

2. Focus Bracketing ​
Expanding the feature set of the X1D II 50C and 907X Special Edition even further, Focus Bracketing allows a photographer trying to capture a subject with very limited depth of field, such as in macro or product photography, to capture a series of exposures of their chosen subject at a fractionally different focus point in each and then stack these captures in their chosen stacking software. The photographer will have full control over the number of frames in the sequence, the step size between each capture and an initial delay to allow any support system vibration to diminish. Note: Requires lens firmware 0.5.33 or later for all XCD lenses excluding XCD 45P. XCD 45P requires firmware 0.1.24 or later.​​

3. Image Rating​
Image Rating can now be applied to all still image captures in camera, making image sorting and selection much easier when the captures are transferred to the user’s computer system. When in image playback mode, with the capture details overlay on screen, the photographer simply presses the star button or presses the displayed stars. All ratings are stored in the metadata of the captured image.

4. 2/3 stops added in Exposure Bracketing​
The Exposure Bracketing function step options have been expanded to support 2/3 stops steps in addition to the existing steps.​

5.  Expanded White Balance Tools
The menu organization and selection of White Balance presets has been improved with display of color temperature and tint at each setting. For the most precise color, a Picker has also been added where the photographer can sample a neutral portion of the image to balance color.

6. Auto White Balance based on captured image
Auto White Balance is now based on the captured image which means that AWB can also be used when shooting in Manual Quick Mode (Manual Quick Mode specific to X1D II 50C only). It also solves the issue when working with flash in tungsten lighting where, previously, the correct white balance showed in either Live View or the captured image – now the correct white balance is present in both Live View and the final still image.

7. New language
Traditional Chinese has been added to language options.

8. EVF proximity sensor settings​ (X1D II 50C only)
It is now possible for users to adjust the sensitivity of the EVF proximity sensor. This can be especially useful for users with glasses to fine tune the sensor to react to their presence. It is also possible to reduce the sensitivity which will enable all users to fine tune sensitivity for the personal needs and preferred viewing position.

9. Reset custom buttons option​ (X1D II 50C only)
A menu option has been added that will allow the custom buttons to be returned to factory defaults.

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10. Additional camera support (907X only)
Cable-free operation with CFV II 50C Digital Back on 2000-cameras and unmodified 200-cameras added. Note: Some cameras may not fully work due to mechanical tolerances of old cameras.​

11. Auto white balance: (907X only) It is now possible to automatically set White Balance for captured images.

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Additionally, there is also Firmware Update 0.1.24 for the XCD 45P:

1. Support for focus bracketing​
Focus Bracketing is now available on X1D II 50C and 907X Special Edition cameras. Firmware update 0.1.24 enables Focus Bracketing to be used on the XCD 45P.​

2. Improved stability of AF & MF​
Full time Manual focus input sensitivity has been modified, to reduce the possibility of AF stopping when holding the lens. ​​​

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