Fujifilm GFX Tip : Using Leaf Shutter Lenses

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Fujifilm GFX H Lens Adapter and HC Hasselblad Lens


Using Leaf Shutter Lenses

The Fujifilm GFX cameras have a focal plane shutter that maxes out @ 1/125 X sync. There are numerous ways to use higher speed sync with strobe. Many lighting systems, like Profoto with the B10 series, for example, offer High-Speed Modes for camera systems without leaf shutter lenses. But these solutions have drawbacks, including loss of power. Nothing beats a good leaf shutter for optimizing high-speed shutter speed sync with strobes.

But Fujifilm lenses do not have leaf shutters. This was considered by Fuji, but they made the decision to not develop leaf shutter lenses (the lenses become larger, more complex, more expensive). However, Fuji did not leave GFX owners completely in the lurch with regard to leaf shutter lenses. Remember, Fuji was involved with Hasselblad in the development and production of the Hasselblad H 645 camera system (and also previously, the XPan camera). There were even Hasselblad H  645 bodies that were badged as Fuji GX 645 in some regions of the world.


And the lenses for the Hasselblad H system (H1/H2/H1D/H2D/H2F/H3D/H4D/H5D/H6D/H4X/H5X/H6X …. you get the picture) are all leaf shutter lenses.

Pressing the top silver button on the adapter brings up this menu.
Dial over and you can choose to use the body shutter (focal plane) or lens shutter (leaf)

So with that nod in place, Fujifilm had the presence of mind to create an adapter that accepts Hasselblad H lenses to the GFX body. While this adapter does not provide autofocus, it is not a dumb adapter, it has contact pins, and transmits some metadata, but also – importantly for our purposes here – has a button located on the side that, when pressed, brings up a unique menu on the GFX body that allows you to choose body shutter or lens shutter. When you choose lens shutter, it maximizes the shutter speed sync for that lens to 1/800th – 1/1000th of a second.

Hasselblad H system lenses have lost a substantial amount of value as there has not been a meaningful update for that system in over 6 years and it is likely the system has reached an end (though no official public word on that from Hasselblad). What this means for you, however, is that these lenses can be found cheaply. There’s no other word for it when a lens that still lists new for $6,200 can be purchased second-hand for 20% – 30% of that price. So you, the buyer have the advantage.

Hasselblad 80mm HC Lens on Fujifilm GFX 100s Body = Fast Flash Sync
Hasselblad 80mm HC Lens on Fujifilm GFX 100s Body = Fast Flash Sync

In addition to bringing leaf shutter workflow to you, the GFX user, some lenses might make nice additions to your Fujifilm lineup. Consider that the longest native lens you have for the GFX is the 250mm. Add a 1.4x TC and you end up with 350mm. But 350mm on the Fujifilm GFX is equivalent to a 276mm on a Canon/Sony/Nikon full frame. Not bad, but … compared to a 300m HC lens and the 1.7x TC from the H system, you have a 510mm result, equivalent to a 402mm on those 35mm cameras. That’s more like it. Something to think about, no?

Get the Fujifilm GFX to H Mount Lens Adapter:

H Mount Adapter G for GFX

By Steve Hendrix

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