Fujifilm GFX100 II Camera – The Custom Menu Hack

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FUJIFILM GFX 100 II – The Custom Menu Hack

The Fujifilm GFX cameras give individuals a great deal of customization options to set the system up for various shooting styles and needs, but frustratingly a decent amount are global settings and cannot be assigned to one of the camera’s six custom sets on the primary mode dial, nor can they be wedged in the Quick Menu.

The ability to get to these settings relatively quickly is available only if you first program them to the MY MENU cascade so that they can be reached on the first tree off of the bottom Main Menu. Unique settings can be configured for both Still and Motion operations. (Unfortunately, menu items remain that not only cannot be assigned to custom settings but also cannot be assigned to this menu, forcing deep menu interaction for what are still some common changes necessary to maximize camera performance. )

To display “my menu”, press MENU/OK in the shooting display and select the (MY MENU) tab.

To program the items listed in the (MY MENU) tab:

  1. In the setup menu, select USER SETTING > MY MENU SETTING or MY MENU SETTING.

Press the focus stick (focus lever) up or down to highlight ADD ITEMS and press MENU/OK. Options that can be added to “my menu” are highlighted in blue.

  1. Select a menu to be registered and press the MENU/OK button. Press the MENU/OK button again to return to the menu selection screen.
  2. Select a menu to be registered next and press the MENU/OK button. Select the order of the menus to be registered and press the MENU/OK button.

The following are snapshots of the options I bake into our rental cameras, in addition to the Custom Sets I’ve established:

Preview Exposure / White Balance in Manual Mode

If you’re shooting strobe, you’re going to need a way to brighten up that viewfinder because you’ll no longer want to be previewing exposure. Select either of the two other settings and you’ll be good to go with your viewfinder/LCD automatically adding gain so that it operates as a composition view of your scene

Natural Live View

The Natural Live View setting removes the look of any of the film standards you have selected on the camera for the live view feed, and in doing so, gives a bland view of the frame which aides with composition of architectural and landscape images because you can easily see all the detail in the corners of the frame without the added contrast and saturation of the film looks.

Self Timer

Quick access to the 2-second and 10-second self-timer which doesn’t live underneath the Drive mode button as many first look to.

IS Mode Toggle (Image Stabilization)

When shooting on a tripod, IS should be disabled, so you should have a quick way of disabling and enabling it. (This setting can also be programmed into C1-C6 Custom Setting slots)

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