Fujifilm GFX100 II : Tethered Shooting with an L-Bracket

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Shooting Tethered with L brackets

I get a lot of calls from customers who have purchased a certain camera system and they run into issues not being able to turn the camera vertical and keep the tethered cable attached while using a L bracket.

Well, first let me say, that not all L brackets are created equal. Some L brackets are fixed and fit right up against the port where the USB C and HDMI cables are located. This prevents the camera from being able to keep the USB C cable connected while turned vertically.

I have personally owned and used the Small Rigs L brackets for all of the Fujifilm cameras. They also make some options available that work with the battery grip attached to the camera. These L brackets from Small Rigs are adjustable, so they can move left to right, allowing you to gain serval inches of extra access around the USB C port.

Regardless of what L bracket you have or may be considering, I ran across this small accessory for the USB C port that I saw a customer using on his new Fuji GFX 100 II camera and I just had to share this tip.

This right angle, USB C adapter allows you to run the USB C cable out of the back of the camera setup, allowing you to turn the camera vertically on your tripod head. This also prevents you from plugging and unplugging the cable all day as you move through locations. The port inside the camera body is where we see the tether connect fail after prolonged use. So this allows you to plug your USB C cable into the adapter and not your port on the camera

Thanks to my good friend and client, Jason Dewey who shared this valuable tip on how to overcome this obstacle while shooting tethered into Capture One. You can see more of Jason’s works at https://www.jasondeweyphoto.com

By Chris Snipes

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