Fujifilm : Why Choose the GFX100 vs GFX100S?

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The GFX100 vs GFX100S

When Fujifilm announced the new GFX100S back in January 2021, I, as well as many others assumed it was going to replace the older GFX100 model. 

It did not. In fact, Fuji kept both GFX models in the lineup, despite the huge price discrepancy, yet similar specifications in a smaller, lighter package. They priced the GFX100 at $9,999.95 and the new GFX100S at just $5,999.95. Not surprisingly, sales of the GFX100 dropped dramatically. However, that is no longer the case… At least from June 12th through July 23rd, 2023. Fuji just announced a promo giving $3,500 off the GFX100 Camera Body, bringing the price to just $6,499.95! The GFX100S has been on promotion since May 1st for $500 off, bringing it to just $5,499.95. Even with the 100S promo, a mere $1,000 price differential makes it a great time to review why one might consider the GFX100 over the GFX100S. Here are a few of those reasons.

Build Quality:

Although the GFX100S is a very well-built camera, the GFX100 has a far more robust magnesium alloy body.

Electronic View Finder (EVF):

The GFX100 boasts a removable 0.5-inch Approx. 5.76 million dots OLED Color Viewfinder while the GFX100S has a permanently affixed 0.5 inch Approx. 3.69 million dots OLED Color Viewfinder. The EVF on the GFX100 can be attached to Fuji’s EVF-TL1 Tilt Adapter. This unique tool expands the usability of the FUJIFILM GFX100’s removable electronic viewfinder, allowing the user to adjust the angle at which the EVF is attached to the camera body. This adapter fits between the camera and the viewfinder and affords a horizontal range of movement from +/- 45° and a 0-90° vertical range of movement to suit eye-level shooting from a variety of working angles.


gfx-fujifilm-attachment-electronic viewfinder

LCD Monitor:

While both the GFX100 and GFX100S have the same LCD monitor on top to display camera settings and a tilting (three-direction) monitor on the rear to display images, etc. The GFX100 has a third “Rear Sub Monitor” that can display useful information such as exposure and histogram.



The GFX100 comes with two NP-T125 Li-Ion Batteries and BC-T125 Charger. Both batteries can be installed in the integrated Vertical Grip, bringing the run time to approx. 800 frames (still images).

The GFX100S comes with one NP-W235 Li-Ion Battery and an AC-5VJ AC Power Adapter and USB Cable (no charger). You have to recharge the battery while in the body, and there is no dual battery grip option. The single battery run time is approx. 460 frames (still images) per charge. A second battery will cost you $69.99, and a BC-W235 Dual Battery Charger costs $69.99.

However, if you are looking for incredible image quality in a small, light weight package, the GFX100S may be right for you.

By Murray Elliott

Thanks for the read! If you have any questions, or interest in Fujifilm, feel free to reach out.

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