Hasselblad 25mm/2.5 V lens – Shutter Sound

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Hasselblad splattered all over my workspace

One of our clients who just received their Hasselblad 25mm V Lens from Capture Integration reached out to me and asked if the loud-ish shutter sound was normal. I grabbed one of our 25mm V demo units because I was used to super soft shutter sounds from the new V lenses but I reproduced the same distinctive and substantial click noise. I then proceeded to grab all the V lenses, and found that the 90 V also exhibits this, so it seems to be normal.

The 25 V and 90 V lenses both have maximum 1/4000th shutter speeds (vs the 1/2000th speed from the 38/55 V lenses). Could be related to the different sound of the shutter. Although the 28 V lens has the super soft sound, but it is a much smaller lens, so perhaps a different design around the shutter. Just a heads up, if you hear a distinctive click with the 25 V lens, it appears to be normal and nothing wrong with your lens.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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