Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100c Customizable Features!

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Hasselblad 907x & CFV 100c Customizable Features

After much anticipation, the new Hasselblad 907x & CFV 100c camera system has been introduced and is now shipping in limited quantities from our inventory.  So, now that you have yours on order, you should have it within a few days and will be holding this beautiful and very versatile camera in your hands, trying to figure out how best to use it.  We are here to help.  However, instead of a single blog post about the new features and benefits of this system, we have decided to do a complete set of blog posts, each written by various specialists within Capture Integration.  We have covered a large amount of information about this camera & back for those of you who have already purchased one and for those of you who are still considering a purchase.  You can see all of our blog posts on the Hasselblad 907x & CFV 100c here: 


In this blog post, I would like to cover how you can customize the dials and buttons that are an integral part of this system.  I will discuss the programmability of their new XCD-V lenses as well as the 907x body, when used in conjunction with the optional control grip.

If you are like me and many other photographers, the first thing you do when opening a new camera system is charge the battery and then start pushing buttons and dials to figure out how to use the system.  To its credit, the 907x & CFV 100mp is very intuitive and a lot of its features can be figured out by just jumping in and starting to work with it.  (Who needs instructions!) 😉

The system does have a lot of customizable features which all have factory presets.   You will no doubt find these presets in your initial inspection.  However, part of the versatility of this system is the programmability of these presets to your individual shooting style.  Optimizing these presets will help with your overall experience in using the system.  Let’s look at some of these features starting with the new XCD-V lenses.

You will notice that on the XCD-V lenses, there is a second ring behind the ring that takes the focus from auto to manual.  ( This is the ring closest to the body ).  You can use this ring with the following customizable options:  ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and of course have it turned off completely.  I like the aperture control selection since I like to use a lot of selective focus in my photography.  Kind of makes the 907x act like a lot of other cameras with focus and aperture control on the lens.  However, the choice is yours.

Now, let’s look at the four customizable buttons that are found on the 907x control grip.  This optional grip is a “must-have” accessory, as you will see after reading Chris Snipes’ blog post on must-have accessories for this camera, as part of our blog series.

As you can see, there are four buttons on top of the control grip:  AF/MF, AF-D, Menu and Browse.  The factory preset is exactly what the icons show.  However, each of these buttons can be programed for a wide variety of uses.  Each button has the same choices, so you can basically choose which button you would like to use for the various choices.  Here is the list of what each of these buttons can be programmed for:

Menu, Control Screen, Start Live Video, (depends on whether you are using the 50c or 100c back), AF Point Selection, AF Point Cycle Size, AF/MF Toggle, AE-L, AF-D, ISO, WB, Browse Card, Delete Image, DOF Preview, Electronic Shutter On/Off, Expose, Zoom In, Display Off, WIFI On/Off, Format Card, Spirit Level, Drive Mode Cycle, AF Scan Range Cycle, Mark Overexposure On/Off, Video Recording Start Stop, (depends on whether you are using the 50c or 100c back), Overlay Cycle, Auto ISO Settings, Crop Mode Next, Crop Mode Previous, WB Tool and of course you can deactivate any of the buttons.

The custom buttons can be programmed under the Custom Buttons selection under the General Settings Menu on the CFV 100c.

Lastly, there are also dials on the 907x body and control grip, which while not customizable, are mode sensitive.  For example, the control dial on the front of the 907x body, that is positioned around the shutter release button, is used for aperture or shutter speed control based on which exposure mode you have the back set on.  In browse mode, it will change the image for you.  The dials on the control grip can also act in the exact same way, depending on the mode you have chosen.

So, even though, the stand alone 907x & CFV 100c is very versatile, it is most versatile when you add the control grip.  It also provides a secure means of holding the camera.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tip on customizing & programming the dials and buttons on the Hasselblad 907x & CFV 100c.  Please be sure and visit our main blog post page for this product at: 


By Greg King

I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this system or any other medium format system, as well as any other professional photographic equipment or DJI drones that you might use in your photography.

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