Hasselblad H Lens Compatibility with X2D and 907x/CFV 100c Cameras

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Just because the Hasselblad H lenses are discontinued, doesn’t mean you can’t still use them. They can be adapted to your Hasselblad X1D, X2D, 907x 50c and 907x 100c cameras. But what functionality do they have? To some degree, that depends upon which generation of Hasselblad H lenses you have. If you have an orange dot version, you’re golden (no pun intended). If you do not, then your firmware needs to be at least 18.0.0, in order to be able to update it to 19.1.0, which is the minimum compatible version that enables auto focus with the H lenses.

How to Check the Firmware Version Of Your Hasselblad H Lenses

Press Menu Button
Top Dial Scroll to Settings
Press ISO/WB to Enter Settings
Top Dial Scroll to System Status
Voila’ Firmware Versions

The Hasselblad HC and HCD lenses adapt to the X1D/X2D and 907x 50c and 100c bodies via the Hasselblad HC Lens Adapter and HC 0.8 Lens Converter. You can read more via the previous article linked below.

Firmware 18.0.0 or laterXH Adapter Auto FocusXH 0.8 Converter Auto FocusXH Adapter Aperture ControlXH 0.8 Converter Aperture Control
HCD 24mm/4.8X
HCD 28mm/4.0XXXX
HC 35mm/3.5XXXX
HC 50mm/3.5XXXX
HC 80mm/2.8XXXX
HC 110mm/2.2XXXX
HC 120mm/4 MacroXX
HC 150mm/3.2XXXX
HC 210mm/4.0XXXX
HC 300mm/4.5XXXX
HCD 35mm - 90mm/4.0-5.6XXXX
HC 50mm-110mm/3.5-4.5XXXX
Firmware 18.0.0 and earlier
HCD 24mm/4.8XX
HCD 28mm/4.0XX
HC 35mm/3.5XX
HC 50mm/3.5 IIXX
HC 80mm/2.8XX
HC 110mm/2.2XX
HC 120mm/4 Macro IIXX
HC 150mm/3.2XX
HC 210mm/4.0XX
HC 300mm/4.5XX
HCD 35mm - 90mm/4.0-5.6XX
HC 50mm-110mm/3.5-4.5XX

By Steve Hendrix

Thanks for the read! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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