Hasselblad XCD 25 V & XCD 28 P Lens – Optical Lens Test

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After a year of waiting, the XCD 28P is finally shipping in quantity but now we also have to consider the XCD 25V as an alternative in this focal length range, arriving just today in our shop for the first time.

The lenses are actually remarkably similar in total rendering capabilities, the f-stop advantage going to the newer 25V but at a cost of size and of price compared to the 28mm pancake lens.

Shooting my normal optical test sequence, I shot center on my subject (doors across the street ~73′) , panned right to evaluate those same doors on the left side of the frame and then panned left to see the right side of the lens. All frames shot at f/8

Viewed at 100%

100% View – Center / Left side of Frame / Right side of Frame

Same test performed on a focus chart at 8′ from the camera:

Target test Hasselblad 25v vs 28p lens
Note: There is a small amount of perceived advantage to the 28P in these files due to the ~7.5% magnification over the 25mm.

Brad Kaye - Capture Integration Technical Service Manager

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