Leica M11 Firmware Update Version Released

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  • Implementation of Leica Perspective Control (LPC)
  • Additional exposure metering method (Highlight-weighted metering)
  • Additional storage options (DNG on SD /JPG on Internal Storage)
  • Bugfixes in the firmware

Version | Download Here

Notes For Update Execution :

3Leica M11 Firmware update version
3Leica M11 Firmware update version

Perspective Control

This assist function displays a frame showing the expected cropped section of the image after a correction of the perspective of vertical falling lines. Perspective Control helps to achieve a generally straighter vertical line and straight horizon, which ensures a natural image effect, specifically in architectural images.

The function “Perspective Control” calculates the image section and the required distortion correction based on the actual panning angles of the camera and the lens used. In effect, the camera orientation during recording (determined by internal camera sensors) is the decisive factor and not the lines visible in the image object. The function is therefore unlike automatic perspective control features used for post-editing, which are generally based on the image content.

The functionality depends on the picture format used (JPG or DNG). For JPG format images, the correction occurs directly in the camera and the corrected image is stored. For DNG format images, the relevant information is written to the meta data or the original image. Image correction is done later on using a program like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® or Adobe Photoshop®*.
Factory setting:  Off 
• In case of large panning angles, the distortion correction needed fora complete perspective control would be too extreme. That is why this function is automatically skipped or only partially used where angles are too large. In that case, we recommend creating DNG format images and to effect the desired corrections in a post-editing step.
• The focal length of the camera lens must be known to use this function. It is automatically detected when M lenses with 6-bit encoding are used. The lens type must be entered manually when other lenses are used ( Lens Detection ).
• A histogram will not be available for technical reasons, while the function  Perspective Control  is active.
• The functions  Digital Zoom  and  Perspective Control  cannot be activated at the same time. Selecting one of these functions will automatically disable the other.

Leica M11 Firmware update version

JPG Format Images

For JPG format images, the correction occurs directly in the camera and the only corrected image is stored. Any image content outside the frame will be lost.

DNG Format Images

In DNG format, the entire sensor image is stored unchanged. The data calculated by Perspective Control is written to the meta data of the image. Image correction is done later, using appropriate software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® or Adobe Photoshop®*. A corrected preview version of the image (thumbnail) is displayed in Review mode. The same applies for automatic review directly after the image is taken.

However, when opening the file in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® or Adobe Photoshop®, the original recording will be displayed. Depending on the default settings of the software, the image can also be directly displayed with the corrections from the auxiliary frame.

Perspective Control In Adobe Lightroom® & Adobe Photoshop®,

Perspective Control can be done as part of the post-editing process for DNG format images using e.g. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® or Adobe Photoshop®. Read the Adobe Online Help for more detailed information about the topic.



Correction & Display Of Auxiliary Lines

Select the function “With auxiliary lines” under “Geometry” > “Upright” to apply the correction defaults of the camera and display
the auxiliary lines.
Correction will automatically applied if the RAW default setting “Camera Settings” is selected.
Correction can be disabled under “Upright” at any time.


▸ Select “Camera Settings” as the RAW default setting

Leica M11 Firmware update version


This metering method is based on the detection of multiple values.

These values are used in an algorithm to calculate an exposure value
appropriate for a good rendering of the assumed main subject.

▸ Select  Exposure Metering  in the main menu
▸ Select the desired metering method
( Spot ,  Center-weighted ,  Highlight-weighted ,  Multi-field )
• The selected metering method is displayed in the header of
the screen image in Live View mode; it appears on the status
screen if the viewfinder is used.

Spot metering allows a shifting of the metering field:
▸ Tap the LCD panel in the desired position
▸ Press the directional pad left or right as needed

All exposure metering methods are available for use, irrespective
of whether Live View is currently active. Exposure metering will
in any case occur via the shooting sensor. The displays used for
assessing the correct exposure differ in rangefinder and Live View

2Leica M11 Firmware update version

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