macOS Sierra Public Beta

 In Capture One Pro, Special Tech Alerts

Do Not Install!

Yesterday, Apple released a public beta of its next operating system, macOS Sierra. From our initial testing, we DO NOT recommend upgrading to macOS Sierra at this time, due to a number of compatibility issues with Capture One Pro, most notably affecting camera USB connectivity. We are continually testing Capture One Pro against macOS Sierra, and will post here on our blog when Capture One is cleared to use with macOS Sierra!

Edit 10/5/16

On Monday Phase One announced on their Twitter account that they were officially supporting Capture One 9 in OS 10.12.  We have not confirmed through our own testing the full compatibility of this operating system with Capture One.  If you choose to update, please make sure you have a fully bootable clone of your current operating system on a separate partition on your hard drive or on an entirely different hard drive in case you encounter workflow problems that can’t be remedied otherwise.   


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Contact our technical support team for questions or additional information!

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