Notice: IQ4 Creative Control Firmware 5.00.20 Bug Alert

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It has come to our attention that there is a bug in the current IQ4 firmware (5.00.20) that provides some exciting new features, notably frame averaging.

See:  Phase One IQ4 – Long Awaited Frame Averaging  for full details on the feature.

The bug is realized in this way:

If you restart your IQ4 and it shows 16 bit anything, it will not be shooting at 16 bit for anything.

– Single frames will be shot at 14 bit S.
– Frame averaged shots will be shot at 14 bit L.

There is currently nothing you can do to get your frame averaged shot to capture in anything but 14 bit L. You can, however, get your single frame shots to capture in 16 bit.

There are two methods to remedy single shot bit mode to 16 bit:

* Choose a 14 bit mode. Then choose a 16 bit mode. You will then capture at 16 bit (for single fame shots) until you restart.

* Take a frame averaged shot. After the frame averaged shot, your single shot mode will now accurately reflect the 16 bit mode choice.

You will need to do this each and every time you restart!!

* You can verify by checking the remaining capacity on your media card (14 bit will increase capacity by a significant factor, around 2x).

* In Capture One, you can view the bit mode in the metadata, or also check the actual size of the file.

Phase One is aware and investigating the issue, more information to come.

EDIT 7/15/19:

Denmark has patched the problem and is still testing the firmware fix, but we can expect that to arrive as early as the end of this week. – BK 

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