Profoto Air Update – Now with 20 Channels

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Profoto announced today that firmware updates will open up radio channels 9-20 on:

– Profoto A1
– Profoto A1X
– Profoto B10
– Profoto D2
– Profoto Connect

The Pro-10 pack will also receive this 20 channel update later this year.

This update, however, has limited benefits to the legacy users of these systems because as of this moment, only the Profoto Connect transmitter can make use of these new channels, and none of the current Air Remotes or Air Syncs have updates available to them.

Time will tell if the current lineup of Air-TTL remotes will be able to expand their radio dials, but given the fixed amount of LED lights on the Air Sync & Air Remote, I would think impossible for those units and given the display technology of the Air-TTL remotes, they are also not going to be able to dynamically scale to display the newly available channels, even if the radio units in them were capable of this upgrade.

In addition to the added radio channels, the A1 receives an update that has a new User Interface that mirrors the workflow of the new A1x.

Profoto Connect & B10 can be updated through the companion iOS app, otherwise login to Profoto’s site to download the firmware package to update via USB cable with the provided instructions.

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