Profoto B1-500 – End of Life Announcement

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Profoto B1-500 - End of Life Announcement

The Profoto B1 head, the original & first 500w/s battery mono-head in the industry, is sunsetting in its ability to be repaired at Profoto service due to its unique power board that is now out of stock and out of production. This news comes 7 years out from the end of its short run from 2014 to 2016. Luckily, all other major components of this head are shared with the improved 2017 Model B1x, which is still a current product at Profoto. These shared parts can be used to make repairs on the original B1 units for all things other than power board replacement, which is a pretty rare occurrence.

The B1x improved on the original design with a near doubling in the power of the LED modeling light, High Speed Sync (HSS) available across the entire output range as well being packaged with an improved higher capacity battery capable of an extra 100 shots. Easy to tell the difference between B1 and B1x from a distance, the B1’s have chrome accents while the B1x is matte black.

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