Profoto Firmware Updates 11/20/19                     

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If you have a Profoto unit that can update firmware, then there is new firmware for you today.

Revisions, ‘minor bug fixes’, and added camera support on one unit or another too numerous to list… these new firmware versions exist primarily for the included Catalina compliant installer.

Go directly to and log into ‘MyPages’ in order to get to the firmware downloads and check within the read-me notes whether an update is applicable to your equipment.

From Profoto 11/26/19:

Important information about the latest firmware updates for Profoto B10 and Profoto B10 Plus.
We have confirmed a Bluetooth related bug in the two latest firmware versions (A8 and A9) for Profoto B10 and Profoto B10 Plus. The bug symptom is that a unit with version A8 or A9 installed can´t be updated via Bluetooth from the Profoto App.

We will fix this bug in next firmware version but if you have already installed version A8 or A9 you will then need to update your B10 through USB cable from a Mac or PC.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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