Profoto Firmware Updates                     

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If you haven’t updated the firmware on your Profoto gear this year, you’re likely out of date.

Head over to Profoto, log-in to ‘MyPages’ and get the latest

Updated May 15, 2017: Profoto B1 & B1x version E1 available

Per Profoto: ‘HSS energy range expanded to 9-fstops (2.0-10) for all supported camera brands (Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus). Bug fix in the temperature monitoring that could cause the flash to hang.

Updated May 15, 2017: Profoto TTL-C version C3 available

Per Profoto: “ Added support for support for EOS 77D. HSS trimmed for more light output with specific camera models (EOS 1DX Mk II, 1DX, 1DS Mk III, 7D, 80D and 77D). Beeper signal fix.

Updated May 3, 2017: Profoto D2 version A4 available

Per Profoto: ‘The new upgrade improves the temperature control function and also reduces visible model light flicker. We highly recommend you to upgrade, especially if you run your D2 hard in commercial studio use.’

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