Fujifilm GFX100S Tip : The Fastest Ways to Charge

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Fujifilm GFX100S

3 Ways to Charge Up

Fujifilm estimates their GFX 100S Camera can take up to 460 shots on a single charge. For some photographers, that could be their entire shoot, or it could be just the warmup… Here are the three different ways to charge up.

1. Charging with a Camera and USB Cable

Estimated Charging Speed : 10 Hours / 600 Minutes

For the first (and most inefficient) method, your Fujifilm GFX100S Camera will act as your battery charger. Insert a singular battery into the camera, and with a USB-C cable, plug your camera into either a laptop, a high-wattage USB-C charger, or a car equipped with a USB connection. The camera must be off to charge the battery, so you won’t be able to shoot during this process. Not that you would want to given that you’re camera can only go as far as your cable is long.

Fujifilm Dual battery charger BC-W235 for NP-W235 Batteries for GFX100S / GFX50S II / X-H2S / X-H2 / X-T5 / X-T4

2. Charging with a Dual Battery Charger BC-W235

Estimated Charging Speed : 3 Hours / 180 Minutes

The next step up for charging your batteries is the Fujifilm Dual Battery Charger BC-W235. Not only is this solution significantly faster, but it can charge two NP-W235 batteries at the same time. Charging both batteries takes less than half the time at 180 minutes when connected to a power supply of at least 20 watts or higher.

2. Charging with a Power Bank

Estimated Charging Speed : 1.33 Hours / 80 Minutes

By far the fastest way to charge your Fujifilm batteries is with a power bank. I love using my BC-W235 plugged into a power bank to charge the batteries in my backpack while out shooting landscape images. Another bonus is that the same power bank can charge my iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Powerbook, and DJI 3 drone battery banks. Personally, I’d recommend 747 Power Bank (PowerCore 26K for Laptop).

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