Medium Format Tip : How to Find Support for Your System

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Medium Format Systems

Finding The Support You Need

“But, I got a deal…”

Given today’s mature digital capture market, we understand the diversity of purchasing options for medium format photographers. In addition to the box moving online retailers, buyers must also consider an array of pre-owned systems from retiring photographers, online forums, or god forbid…Ebay.

While we can not recommend buying a system from pre-owned retailers who don’t specialize in or support the product or from a “buy now” link online, we also can’t blame photographers for finding a great deal on a product.

We completely understand that some opportunities out there are too good to pass up. And If you know us, we will sometimes even tell our customers to jump on prices that we can not compete with. However, having sold high-end digital backs since 1995, I can’t escape the desperate frustrated calls from photographers who purchased a single product or their full system elsewhere and are slowly realizing why they got such a “good deal.”

Phase One Medium Format Digital Backs - Support

A Digital Back System

A digital back requires a system of separate pieces that, combined, make a product that creates the world’s highest-quality captures. Each piece has its own variables in manufacturing, which can cause various issues. However, a system can work seamlessly together with proper maintenance, calibration, and focus trimming.

Furthermore, through our testing, we have proven that often 10-year-old digital backs are superior to the newest mirrorless systems such as sensor size, angle of view with lenses, extended dynamic range, CCD color, tonal quality, or long exposure capabilities. This means the life of a digital back is much longer than other technologies released at the same time. And years more of firmware and calibration questions.

Often products purchased outside of CI have issues. But we can still support you, our customer, and help fix these issues. Common problems are as follows:

·     Incompatible firmware

·     Focus issues

·     IR glass scratches or dust under the filter

·     Dead pixels

·     Sensor column errors (partial lines)

·   Communication problems from the lens, body, and back

Our support

I am very comfortable saying that Capture Integration is the foremost expert in the world of medium format capture systems. The technical support we provide our clients is award-winning in our industry. But this also means we receive email and phone calls on a regular basis from users who purchased elsewhere. We will always answer the phone and try to help, but this would be a never-ending process today if we gave away our knowledge for free.

So we have found a way to offer our support for those who’ve purchased products elsewhere. This can be a win/win for everyone involved. Below you can see our newly offered Technical Support Package.

Medium Format Capture Systems Photography Camera Technical Support Packages

For non-warranty repairs and a sample price list of sample service items, please take a look at our Equipment Services page here:

Enough of us boasting about ourselves. Hear what others have to say about Capture Integration…

These are real stand up guys and gals in our industry. I’ve known them for over 10 years and nothing but the best!! In a day when dealers are often overlooked, having a real relationship with real people is great when you are in a bind and when you are not!

Amazing support, unmatched knowledge of all things digital photography. Access to the finest equipment on the planet is a good thing, but that’s only an added benefit. It’s the relationships we form which really are invaluable, and they last for decades

Best camera shop anywhere. Can’t say enough great things about their customer service, technical support and competitive pricing. Will always recommend Capture Integration to anyone who’s in the market.

The approach at Capture Integration certainly captures my admiration and respect – optimizing the system for the long term benefit of the client. Its a wake up call and benchmark for the rest – truly, a very special and unique dynamic is evolving at CI. Thank You!!

By Dave Gallagher

Thanks for the read! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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