What’s New on the Hasselblad 970X & CFV 100C

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What’s New on the Hasselblad 970X & CFV 100C

100MP BSI Sensor

Not only does the 100C double the resolution of the 50C, but sports a new Back Side Illuminated (BSI) sensor. This CMOS sensor virtually eliminates the need for lens cast correction, especially when using a wide angle lens and tech camera movements all while adding another stop of dynamic range (total of 15 stops) and a lower base ISO64 up to ISO 25600!


Hasselblad Natural Color Solution. Hasselblad remains true to authenticity and believes that a camera must restore true-to-life colors to be a reliable tool for photographers. With a wider color range for post processing versatility.

Pixel Level calibration

In addition to utilizing Hasselblad’s exclusive Natural Color Solution (HNCS). The 100C benefits from Pixel Level Calibration to create uniform color and density across all 100,000,000 pixels ensuring highly consistent imagery while avoiding local color cast. The result is true-to-life colors with smooth, detailed transitions as perceived by the human eye. The wider color range allows for greater post-processing versatility.

Auto Focus

Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) offers the quickest and most accurate focusing with 294 AF zones, covering 94% of the focus range, resulting in 3 times faster AF acquisition! PDAF in combination with a Hasselblad XCD lens (with STM motor) allows the smoothest focus adjustment with no focus hunting. The addition of Face Detection AF offers the ultimate in portrait photography workflow.


Never worry about forgetting your memory card again! The 100C has a built-in 1TB SSD capable of reliably storing 13,800 images! But if that isn’t enough… There is a high speed CF Express Type B memory card slot for up to 512GB additional storage, separation or backup.


Hasselblad has taken the touch screen to a whole new level with Pinch, Double Tap, Drag and Slide from the Edge gesture control.

Flash Triggering

The 100C boasts a new expansion port for mounting the hot shoe adapter (included) to add external flash accessories such as radio remotes. Let’s not forget, this bad boy now supports TTL flash as well!


I never would have guessed that with all the new features, this lightweight contender has slimmed down from a total weight of 740 grams to just 620 grams!

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