ALPA Announces Lens Module Leica M

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New lens options for ALPA 12 Cameras

Today Alpa announced their new lens module for Leica M. As with the recently introduced Alpa 35 mm lens module, the new module is also designed for use with a digital back that has an electronic shutter function. As Alpa states, “Currently these are the IQ3 100MP backs from Phase One and partially Hasselblad H6D 100c. With the latter also for (cropped) 4k video.”

Technical Notes:

  • The lens module Leica M is primarily aimed at experimentally oriented users who want to use existing lenses with an M bayonet with their ALPA camera
  • The majority of thee lenses with the M bayonet were calculated for an image circle that illuminates the KB format of 24 x 36 millimeters. Because the format of the Phase One IQ3 100MP is 40 x 53 millimeters, the vast majority of M bayonet lenses will not illuminate the entire sensor format.

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