Arca-Swiss Tip : FlipLock Head Easy Fix for Loose Plate

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Arca Swiss Compatible Tripod Plate

Too loose for comfort

Nothings worse than when the invisible force misplaces your tripod plate. Even worse when the new one technically fits… but its a millimeter or two short of that satisfying “not going anywhere” feel. This is where the Arca-Swiss FlipLock Head gets it right.


How to get a secure fit

Typically, with a Classic Arca-Swiss head, wiggle room is not an issue. This is because the jaws of a Classic head are controlled by a knob that adjusts continuously between an open and closed position. This opposed to an Arca-Swiss FlipLock head, which is designed with a fixed open and closed position you flip between with a locking mechanism. If the closed position of the jaws are too wide for your plate, it may slide around. To solve this issue, look between the jaws of the FlipLock for a ribbed tension dial. This will allow you to adjust the size of the opening where your plate sits. Detailed instructions for using this dial to adjust the fixed position of your FlipLock are in the video below. Check it out!

Arca-Swiss FlipLock Tension Adjustment for Loose Plate

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