broncolor 2022 Lighting Master Class with Urs Recher | Atlanta

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Come learn studio lighting from Swiss master, Urs Recher

Mon, September 26, 2022 | 8:30 am – 5:30 pm | Atlanta, GA

Swiss lighting legend, and photographer Urs Recher will be sharing his titanic wealth of lighting knowledge, and teach you invaluable tips and tricks to take to your next project to the next level in an all day workshop.

Co-sponsored by Terminus Production Support, Capture Integration, and broncolor USA

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What Will I Learn?

Morning Session – Product Photography‌:

  • Precise light shaping for different, mostly small objects
  • How to illuminate shiny and matt surfaced objects
  • Freezing fast-moving objects with short flash durations (high-speed photography)

Afternoon Session – People Photography:

  • How to control the appearance of skin (regarding shine and skin color) with light
  • Three-dimensional lighting for face and body
  • Unorthodox, inspiring lighting sets for portraits

Who Is Urs?

“If you want to learn about lighting, don’t miss this broncolor Lighting Masterclass with Urs Recher. I was fortunate to attend a 3 day class with Urs in Switzerland at the headquarters a few years ago. He is a great photographer but knows every square inch of the broncolor product line. I remember when we were discussing flash duration for hours on paper, looking at charts and how the flashtube ignites and freezes or not freezes action. The practical test was to take a fan and stop the blades with both Broncolor packs and Profoto packs. Results were very clear.”

Chris Snipes, CI Sales Manager


Born in Basel, Switzerland‌

1983 – 86

High School‌

1987 – 89

Studied Mathematics and Physics in Zürich‌

1989 – 93

Apprenticeship in Photography, Basel


Certificate in Photography, School of Arts, Basel‌

1993 – 96

Freelance Photographer in Santiago de Chile‌

1996 – 98

Freelance Photographer in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Basel‌

1998 – Today

Photographer & Consultant at broncolor


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