Cambo Debuts New PCH Geared Tripod Head

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At this years 2017 Photo Plus Conference & Expo, Cambo showcased a new addition to the range of Ball and Geared Tripod Heads. This new version is called PCH, which is the acronym for Precision Controlled Head.

What can the new PCH do??

  • The increased flexibility allows it to tilt, swing, rotate as if it were a ball head and has precision gears for fine-tuned tilt and swing
  • Gear moments are self locking and available in any position of the head
  • The bottom as well as the top can rotate 360 degrees and after leveling, the top rotation can be used for panoramic shooting
  • The PCH features a quick release top and includes a 1/4″ plate. (Cambo’s QR plate includes a safety lock that prevents your camera to turn loose on the mount
  • If you have camera with a style mount an ARCA style mount you can use it directly on the PCH

Equipment Specs:

  • height: 130mm (incl. plate)
  • width: 110mm
  • depth: 102 mm
  • weight: 1200 gram

Key Features:

  • 360º manual panning at the top and bottom plate
  • Position click indication every 90º at the top and bottom plate
  • 140º X-axis tilt (30º backwards 110º forward)
  • Separate manual (fast) or geared (fine) movement around the X-axis
  • 140º Y-axis pivot (30º backwards 110º forward)
  • Separate manual (fast) or geared (fine) movement around the Y-axis
  • X-, Y- and Z- axis rotate over the same point
  • When X-, Y- and Z- axis locking knobs are open the PCH can move freely like a normal spherical head
  • Adjustable geared friction
  • Adjustable manual friction
  • Arca compatible QR clamp
  • 4 large spirit levels
  • Durable stainless steel 3/8″ and 1/4″ tripod mounting options.

Shipping on PHC begins early to mid November, call our sales team at 877-217-9870 to place your TODAY!

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