Cambo’s Newest Addition to the Actus Lineup

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Since the launch of the Actus-G series, with its interchangeable rear bayonet, CI customers have been asking us when Cambo was going to be releasing a Digital Back solution. We are happy to announce that time is now.

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For the first time, this new addition to the Actus lineup allows for customers who shoot both a digital back and a DLSR/Mirrorless camera to swap back and forth quickly without having to purchase two different camera systems or change rear standards in the field.

The ACDB-989 is built around the quick change mechanism of the AC-78E rear standard. It can replace the bayonet holders AC-792 (GFX), AC-793 (X1D) and AC-78E (DSLR/Mirrorless) and offers the possibility to use a digital back on the Actus-G series.

When combined with the matching SLW adaptor for your digital back, and the appropriate set of Digital Back bellows, this solution allows the user to swap between SLR/Mirrorless Cameras and Digital Backs quickly and effortlessly.Additionally needed SLW-adapter:

  • SLW-80 for Hasselblad-V compatible digiback
  • SLW-89 for Hasselblad-H compatible digiback
  • SLW-83 for PhaseOne XF compatible digiback
  • SLW-84 for Sinar 30|45 compatible digiback
  • SLW-81 for Leaf AFi/Hy6 compatible digiback
  • WRS-1068 for Mamiya RB roll film back

Additionally needed bellows:

  • ACDB-250 as normal bellows
  • ACDB-252 as wide-angle bellows
  • ACDB-254 as long extension bellows (on AC-330 monorail)
  • ACDB-256 as macro extension bellows  (on AC-345 monorail)

Call us today to learn how you can get this useful gadget in your hands! You can also purchase it online here.

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