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Nothing makes us happier than to see our clients work adorn gallery walls. However, Cameron Davidson’s work at the Coal + Ice Exhibition evokes more for the CI family than just pride in our dear friends mastery of photography. Davidson’s imagery documenting the mountain removals of West Virginia are amongst some work of over 40 photographers displayed at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. It aims at bringing light to the impacts of climate change, as well as paying tribute to the resilience of humankind.

The first group of projections present coal miners from across the world—their work, their lives, and their struggles—from the distant past to the present. At the center of the exhibition, large-scale panoramas show landscapes altered by coal mining and climate change, including the vanishing glaciers of the Himalaya, melting polar ice, and devastation caused by hurricanes and floods. Exiting the vast landscapes, the final series of projections show humans facing the consequences of climate change, including droughts, floods, wildfires, and forced migration. It’s an honor to have clients like Davidson that contribute to such impactful work.


About Cameron Davidson

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Davidson’s evolution as a photographer is best described by this story.

“At 23 I found myself driving in rural Maryland on my way to photograph Great Blue Herons for National Geographic. A flash of yellow on the side of the road caught my eye – a yellow Piper Cub airplane, barely visible behind a red tobacco barn. I hit the brakes in my ancient Volkswagen Squareback, did a quick u-turn, and drove up to the farmhouse to introduce myself to the pilot. Within an hour we were airborne, and I was shooting the Heron Rookery and the Patuxent River from above. I was hooked. That short flight brought everything together for me: I found a way to shoot landscapes from a different perspective and create graphic images that challenged the viewer’s expectations.”

Cameron Davidson

Not only is it a tale of his passion for what he does, but also describes his outgoing spirit perfectly. One minute driving to a job and the next taking off into the skies in a strangers cockpit.

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