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Captain Walter Thomason kept these “bomb tags” and are a set of 34. Each tag briefly described a particular mission over occupied Europe, including the date, the target, the bomb load, and the mission number.
Everett Lindley, P-38 pilot, was shot down on 15 April, 1945. He was captured by an SS Colonel, and survived an assasination attempt. With a broken right leg and a gunshot wound to his left shoulder, he was rescued by some friendly Germans. The colonel and his driver were tried for war crimes after the war, and served lengthy sentences.

Great Work, Great Client

John Slemp has been a longstanding client and invaluable friend to the CI family. Since 2014, Slemp and his team have been documenting A-2 “bomber jackets” worn in WWII by men of the Army Air Corps. This work exemplifies a unique and prominent story telling aspect that rings throughout all of Slemp’s creations. His newest book Bomber Boys WWII Flight Jacket Art has a specific mission of public education, aiming to immortalize the historic sacrifices made by the grandfathers of our younger generations in fighting the Axis forces around the world. Told in the artwork of their iconic A-2 flight jackets, and in their own words and recorded interviews, Slemp and his team hope to educate, inspire, and promote the positive human and leadership traits exhibited in their service to our country.

About John Slemp

Born in Japan, award-winning photographer John Slemp was a world traveler before he was a teen. After attending college on an academic scholarship, he served in the US Army stationed in Germany, and out of curiosity spent many hours visiting well-known museums throughout Europe. Little did he know that he was preparing for a life in commercial photography, with the world’s best art being a spellbinding tutor.

Fast forward twenty-plus years, and his extensive photography experience allows him to create a wide variety of images including environmental still life, portraits, and lifestyle images. Light, shape, and composition are the tools used to create images for a wide variety of editorial, corporate, and advertising clients worldwide.

Bomber Boys WWII Flight Jacket Art – Now Available for Order

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