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This is the 7th assignment for DEDPXL and this is the final one for the year. Assignments have not been a contest up until now for this final one.

For this assignment you are to make a photo around the theme “The world has changed.”

Check out the video

You must have three elements in the photo or photos that you submit. You can submit more than one if you want. That doesn’t mean you have more chances to win though. You may be best served to just work on ONE great image.

The three elements that you must have in the photo are…

1) A news delivery device of some sort. That can be a newspaper, TV, radio, letter, phone, etc.

2) You must put a person or persons in the photo. That can be a full portrait or just part of a person in the frame.

3) Finally, something is spilling or has been spilt in the photo. A coffee cup falling out of someone’s hand or a vase of flowers smashed on a floor, etc, etc, etc.

For all the details please see this video and visit the DEDPXL blog…

The prize for this assignment is a Hasselblad 500, an 80mm lens, a Leaf Aptus 2 22 megapixel back, accessories, and a full version of Catpure One. All of this has been graciously donated by Capture Integration.

The image or images you submit must be shot between October 1st, 2014 and November 2nd, 2014 and must meet have all three of these elements…

1) A news delivery device. That can be a newspaper, cell phone, TV, radio, laptop, letter, etc.

2) There must be a human element in the photo. That can be a full length portrait or part of a person or multiple people.

3) Something must be in the process of spilling or has been spilled. That can be a coffee cup falling from someone’s hand or a vase of flowers smashed on the floor. Etc.

You must have all three things in the shot. ALL three things.


See the DEDPXL blog post for all the information.

There’s a digital Hasselblad kit on the line for the winning image.

Good luck and good shooting!

Thank you Capture Integration!!!

Zack Arias

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