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Capture Integration just wrapped up our 2nd Annual Barry Grossman Architecture and Interior Photography Workshop outside the glamorous city of Las Vegas. We were granted exclusive access to not just one… but two, awarding winning Sun West Custom Homes located in the posh, Ascaya Community.

Day One

We arrived at the first home promptly at 9:30am where we were given a tour of the home by Patty Martinez, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sun West Custom Homes (http://www.sunwestcustomhomes.com). Patty explained everything about the design and construction of each home.Barry, eager to get to work, set up our first shot. Attendees were interested in learning how to capture dynamic images for designer, architect and builder clientele… and Barry delivered. Barry also discussed the interior lighting and how the sun’s movement would work to our advantage throughout the day. 

Later, we divided into groups. Each group had a Phase One IQ4 150 MP digital camera back, Phase One XF camera body and every lens you could possibly imagine. Capture Integration also provided each group with a Cambo Technical camera and Rodenstock 32mm lens so attendees could choose if they wanted to use perspective control and stitching to achieve the look they wanted. We had Profoto B10 and B1X portable flash systems with a variety of umbrellas, gel kits, and reflectors for everyone to use. Also, every group was given a TetherTools tray and laptop running Capture 12 so they could shoot tethered and evaluate the process.   

Barry floated from group to group, describing his process and how he shoots each space. He suggested how he separates each element of the composition and light’s each space with precise control.  First, he takes an ambient image to establish the basis of the image. Next, he uses a Profoto B1X and umbrellas to light each portion of the space. Barry explained to attendees that by doing this, he could now borrow certain parts of each shot which was impossible to control in one capture. 

As the day progressed, the group’s capture images in a variety of spaces. We were all eagerly awaiting for the sun to set, so we could shoot the exterior of the pool deck with fire pits and the Las Vegas Skyline in the background. We worked as a team to create a series of images at twilight as the sun set. 

Day Two

We went to the new location on the second day. WOW is all I can say! I have been involved in a lot of great architecture shoots over the years and have seen some pretty incredible houses… but this one, as one participant said was a “… once in a lifetime opportunity.” We switched up our groups so that we could work with different teams. Barry, once again, went from group to group, showing his process and how he would light each element and build his captures to make the perfect image. As the day progressed we all awaited the magic hour… sunset! We all knew that this shot was going to be something special. 

 During day two, many of the attendees asked to see Barry shoot again so they could see his workflow and how he executed each sequence. He started with an ambient image to set the tone of the image. He then worked with Profoto B10 and B1X strobes with umbrellas to precisely light certain elements of the room. We worked as a team to get all of the exposures prior to twilight. As the lights went down, the Las Vegas skyline illuminated a mood of excitement. These last shots would capture the beautiful blue glow from the pool while the fire pits flickered. 

Day Three

The last day was Post Production Day. This is where Barry broke down his entire workflow from the capture process in Capture One. He then took those images and created multiple layers in Photoshop. He worked as if he was a painter, borrowing certain elements from each image to create his masterpiece. He continued to explain that he could do these shots with 2-3 images, but when you can isolate each element and put the correct amount of light on it from a color correct flash, like the Profoto, he could sculpt the image he had visualized while in the space.It was an incredible 3 days of working with some very talented photographers and a master. In two 12 hour days and one half day, we created stellar images in two of the most exquisite homes in Las Vegas.If you are interested in architecture and interior photography, then you will want to be sure you attend the next one.I would like thank Barry for all of his preparation, meetings prior to the event to secure the ideal homes and his willingness to share his tricks and techniques to create his style.  

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