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ALPA Rodenstock HR ALPAGON 6.3/138 mm Lens

The new ALPA Rodenstock HR ALPAGON 6.3/138 mm lens is the first calculated lens for technical medium format cameras in years! This lens will be the first of its kind to feature a floating element and will make its entrance between the end of quarter one and early quarter two.

(Note: The floating element is automatically synchronized for distance via the helical.)

This lens will be available in eShutter 250 and Non Shutter/Aperture Control (for use with built-in Electronic Shutter in IQ3 100/IQ4 100 Trichromatic/IQ4 150 digital backs).

New ALPA Adapter for Fuji GFX 50R

The new ALPA adapter for Fuji G bellows allows easy and safe mounting of the Fujifilm GFX 50R camera body to an ALPA bellows unit or stacking solution. The V-Groove version also allows a comfortable adjustment of the alignment/rotation of the camera body. Due to the much shallower grip (compared to the GFX 50S), this camera now becomes an active capturing option on Alpa specialized camera solutions.

New ALPA Lens Module for Leica R Lenses

With the new Alpa Bayonet for Leica R Lenses, Alpa camera owners can now mount the lens module directly on an ALPA 12 FPS, or alternatively, on the Alpa 12 TC, STC, Max, Plus camera bodies. Its built-in-focal plane shutter allows for it to be use with almost any digital back, without requiring a built-in electronic shutter for the digital back itself.

New Lens Module for Nikon Lenses

This new ALPA lens module allows Nikon lens owners to use many Nikon lenses in a variety of ways. The lens module can be mounted directly on an ALPA 12 FPS, or alternatively, on the Alpa 12 TC, STC, Max, Plus camera bodies (requires built-in digital back electronic shutter). This lens adapter will also require the Alpa 17mm intermediate adapter. There is a built-in aperture controller that provides compatibility for Nikon F as well as newer G lenses.

New Stitching Adapters for ALPA 12 Plus

The Stitching Adapter for the ALPA 12 Plus is an accessory adapter that allows rise and fall movements, while maintaining a stationary lens position while employing shifts. The adapter has a built-in, universal, square dovetail adapter to UniQ/C standard for ALPA tripod heads and third-party products. The millimeter laser engraving 20/20 mm allows easy and convent reading of the high and low adjustment, even behind the camera. This stitching adapter is an essential accessory for the Alpa 12 Plus and comes in black as well as red.

Special Offer for ALPA 12 TC Silver Edition

The ALPA 12 TC Silver turns 12 this year and ALPA is offering them at the price of the black TC… but ONLY until the middle of 2019. Hurry and place your orders with us while supplies last. The Alpa 12 TC Silver is a unique camera, small and lightweight, a great travel camera when paired with the amazing Rodenstock HR lenses (and other lenses via adapter). While Alpa 12 TC will continue to be offered in the standard black, contact us to take advantage of the unique Silver version that is being discontinued.

For more information regarding any of the above ALPA updates… Please give us a call or complete the form below.

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