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Every great story deserves a sequel, and the acclaimed Leica Q is no exception.  Introducing the new Leica Q2 – a perfect symbiosis of the essentials with innovation, pristine performance with connectivity, and resilience balanced with elegance. With its newly developed, 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor, extremely fast Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. prime lens, fast autofocus, innovative OLED technology, and timelessly elegant design, the Leica Q2 elevates the tradition established by its predecessor, the Leica Q.

With the addition of its special weather sealing to protect the camera from dust and water spray, the Leica Q2 stands out as the only camera in its class that can stand up to even the most unfavorable weather conditions. From its classic design and respected “Made in Germany” quality seal to its integrated digital zoom that covers a range of focal lengths up to 75mm, the Leica Q2 transcends the revered story of Leica’s full-frame compact story to new heights.

Key Benefits

  • 47.3 MP Sensor
  • Dust & spray waterproof
  • Fixed focal length
  • OCED viewfinder
  • High-speed performace
  • 4K video function

Why It Matters To Us…

In recent years, the so called travel camera category has pushed upwards in quality. Extremely small, full frame cameras now enter the category, and Leica stands at the top.

A beautifully crafted camera that is diminutive in size, yet still packs a full frame, 47 megapixel sensor, responsive and fast performance, and most of all, still feels like a Leica.

47.3 MP Sensor

The Leica Q2 features a newly developed 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor that captures both richly-detailed still pictures and 4K video in brilliant quality at ISO sensitivities up to 50,000.


Dust and spray water proof

The new Leica Q2 is the only camera in its class to feature protective sealing against dust and water spray.


Fixed focal length

The fast maximum aperture of f/1.7 is ideal for capturing the world with your subject standing out in incredible sharpness while the background blurs into a beautiful void, and guarantees you outstanding imaging performance in even the most difficult lighting situations.


OLED viewfinder

The newly developed, high-resolution OLED viewfinder has a resolution of 3.68 megapixels. The high resolution provides an ideal view and live preview of your subject at all times, with improved image depth and higher contrast.


High Speed Performance

To ensure you never miss a treasured moment, the Leica Q2 boasts an autofocus system that sharply focuses on your subject in 0.15 seconds, the fastest in its class.


4K video function

For brilliant, true-to-life moving pictures, the new Leica Q2 offers a 4K video mode with 3840 x 2160 pixels and frame rates of 30 or 24 frames per second.

Leica Technical DataLeica Q2 Specs
Product NameLeica Q2
Camera TypeDigital 35mm compact, fixed focal length
Body MaterialMade of lightweight and robust magnesium construction
Aspect Ratio24mm x 36mm/2:3
Fixed LensLeica Summilux 28 f/1.7 ASPH., 11 elements in 9 groups, 3 aspherical elements
Digital Zoom Selector28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm
Aperture Rangef/1.7 to f/16 in 1⁄3 EV increments
Lens Filter ThreadE49
Image StabilizationOptical compensation system for photo and video recordings
Megapixel CountFull frame CMOS sensor, 50.4/47.3 million pixels (total/effective)
Dynamic Range14 stops
Color Depth14 bit
ISO RangeAuto, ISO 50 - 50,000
File FormatsSelectable: DNG, DNG + JPEG, JPEG
DNG/JPG ResolutionJPEG:
Zoom 28mm: 47 mp (8368x5584 pixels), 24 mp (6000x4000 pixels), 12 mp (4271x2848 pixels)
Zoom 35mm: 30 mp (6704x4472 pixels), 15 mp (4800x3200 pixels), 8 mp (3424x2288 pixels)
Zoom 50mm: 15 mp (4688x3128 pixels), 8 mp (3360x2240 pixels), 4 mp (2400x1600 pixels)
Zoom 75mm: 7 mp (3136x2096 pixels), 3 mp (2240x1496 pixels), 2 mp (1600x1072 pixels)
Zoom 28mm: 46,7 megapixels (8368x5584 pixels)
White BalanceAuto, default settings for: daylight, cloudy, halogen lighting, shadow, electronic flash,
gray card, manual color temperature setting
Color SpacesRGB / Adobe RGB / ECI RGB V.2.0
Picture SeriesSelectable: 10/5/3 fps (H/M/L)
Video Recording FormatMP4 (C4K / 4K / FullHD)
Video Resolution/Frame Rate4K: 30 oder 24 B/s, C4K: 24 B/s, Full-HD: 24, 30, 60 oder 120 B/s
Sound Recording FormatAAC
Storage MediaSD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. Recommendation: UHS II memory cards
JPG SettingsStandard, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Monochrome High Contrast, all with additional
settings for contrast, saturation, and sharpness in 5 steps
Autofocus SystemContrast-based autofocus system
Autofocus MethodsAFS (shutter release after successful focusing), AFC (shutter release possible any time), AF setting can be saved
Autofocus Metering ModesSingle zone (225 fields), multi-field, face recognition, subject tracking
Focusing Range30 cm to ∞, with macro setting from 17 cm
Focus SettingAutomatic (autofocus) or manual focusing,
option of magnifying function and edge marking (focus peaking) available for manual setting
Exposure ModesAutomatic program, aperture priority, shutter speed priority and manual setting
Scene ModesFully automatic, sport, portrait, landscape, night portrait, snow/beach, fireworks, candlelight, sunset,
digiscoping, miniature effect, panorama, time lapse
Exposure Metering ModesMulti-field, center-weighted, spot
Exposure Compensation±3 EV in 1⁄3 EV increments
Automatic Bracketing3 or 5 exposures in graduations of up to 3 EV, can be set in 1⁄3 EV increments
Shutter TypeOptionally mechanical, electronical or hybrid
Shutter Speeds60 s to 1⁄2000 s with mech. Shutter, 1 s to 1⁄40000 s with electr. shutter, in 1⁄3 increments,
flash synchronization up to 1⁄500 s, Linear flashes with all shutter speeds less than 1⁄ 500 s possible
(with HSS-enabled SCA 3002 standard flash units)
Self TimerDelay time either 2 s or 12 s
OLED ViewfinderResolution: 1280 × 960 pixels x 3 colors (=3.68 MP),
image field: approx. 100%, aspect ratio: 4:3, eye distance: 21mm
adjustable -4 - +3 diopters, with eye sensor for automatic switching between viewfinder and monitor
Monitor3" TFT LCD monitor with approx. 1,040,000 pixels, touch control possible
Storage MediaSD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. Recommendation: UHS II memory cards
JPG SettingsStandard, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Monochrome High Contrast, all with additional
settings for contrast, saturation, and sharpness in 5 steps
WLANSatisfies IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard (standard WLAN protocol), channel 1-11,
encryption method: WLAN-compatible WPATM/ WPA2TM, access method: infrastructure mode
BluetoothBluetooth LE
Power SupplyLeica BP-SCL4 lithium ion battery, rated voltage 7.2 V DC, capacity: 1860 mAh
Charger Rated voltage 8.4 V DC, capacity min. 1860 mAh, charging time: approx. 180 min.
Battery charger: 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 0.25 A with adapters
Shots/BatteryApprox. 350 (according to CIPA-standard)
Tripod ThreadA 1/4 DIN 4503 (1/4")
Dimensions (WxHxD)Approx. 130 × 80 × 91.9 mm (5.12 × 3.15 × 3.62 in)
WeightApprox. 734/652 g / 25.3/22.5 oz. (with/without battery)
In the BoxCamera, carrying strap, lens hood, lens cap, accessory shoe cover, battery
spare battery charger, power cable (EU, US, local power cable)
Software Leica FOTO App

Leica Q2 Lens

The lens consists of ten lenses in seven groups. It holds an aspherical lens-element and a floating element, which guarantee a high image quality to its minimum focusing distance of 0.7m.

The lens ensures a superb color correction with its three cemented elements and seven lens-elements with anomalous partial dispersion. Reaching from infinity to its minimum focusing distance the lens offers exceptional imaging performance with high contrasts across the complete focusing range.

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