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Introducing the latest offerings from ALPA of Switzerland:

ALPA 12 XY Mark IV Body (and Upgrade Kit)

010.800.018, 010.800.118
The ALPA 12 XY MK IV is the newest iteration of the ALPA 12 XY camera. Incredibly useful for extreme stitching and studio work, this new version now features lockable shift knobs. Maintaining the tradition of flexibility, older ALPA 12 XY cameras can be upgraded via the Mark IV Upgrade kit.

You can find more information on the ALPA 12 XY Mark IV on the website, here:

The upgrade kit details are located here:

Modular ALPA Handgrip and Releases

040.888.200, 040.888.020, 040.888.110, 170.888.530, 170.888.535

The original FPS handgrip has now been enhanced for use with the ALPA 12 FPS, ALPA 12 TC and STC, and even the ALPA 12 MAX or XY. On the ALPA 12 FPS, it can be used left- or right-handed, with or without electrical release.  On the ALPA 12 TC and STC, it can be used as a complete left- or right-handed handgrip (with a cable release.) There’s a new FPS cable which comes with a long  (37 cm) version and a short (27 cm) version.

For more information about the ALPA Handgrip and releases, check out the individual product pages below:

Hand and Finger Grips for ALPA 12 TC, STC, MAX, XY, FPS:

Adapter for FPS Hand Grip:

Hand Grip Set:

27 cm FPS Cable Type D3:

37 cm FPS Cable Type D3:

ALPA Sync Cabling MK II

170.800.361, 170.800.461

ALPA’s newest generation of sync cabling is equipped with a self-developed microcontroller. They have made it a “smart” cable, able to detect and prevent multiple wake-up triggering. In addition, the cable improves the quality of triggering signals for wake-up, even of those produced by the Copal shutters. The new cabling is 100% compatible with older ALPA Sync Releases.

For more information about the ALPA Sync Cord Mark II, see the various types below:

ALPA Sync Release:

Sync Cord Mark II (Phase One/Leaf):

Sync Cord Mark II (2.5mm miniphone):


All of the new products from ALPA are available from Capture Integration directly. If you have any questions about these products, don’t hesitate to reach our to one of our sales team. Contact us at 877.217.9870!

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