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MAC Group has announced an entirely new and refreshed Induro lineup of tripods. In fact, with their new Stealth carbon fiber pattern, all new matte finish hardware, improved cases and packing, Induro has decided to focus solely on carbon fiber and no longer will offer aluminum. With this uncompromising focus on still photographers and quality, the new lineup looks to be a surefire hit. See below for their new items:

Grand Induro Tripods

Grand Induro Stealth carbon fiber tripods are for those seeking the highest level of stability. Period.

Induro decided to forgo the center column in exchange for a flat, modular platform made of lightweight magnesium alloy that can accept a leveling base, double-sided geared column and video bowl. These accessories help you up your game and are secured with a ratchet style lock lever as well as a safety catch to protect your gear. Each Grand Induro tripod includes a machined alumi- num top plate with hard anodizing, oversized weight hook and set screw for a secure lockdown of your tripod head, large ergonomic half turn leg locks and interchangeable hard rubber feet.

Model #Extended w/ Column Up (inches)Folded (inches)Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
Tripod Kits67.328.95.535.3$525

Grand Induro Monopods

Grand Induro Stealth carbon fiber monopods are the first to offer a dual reinforced solid mounting system to ensure security of the camera thread to the monopod. A solid extended anchor is locked inside the top section of the carbon fiber tubing and an outer aluminum alloy sleeve provides a corresponding external lock to integrate three layers of protective support.

The perfect harmony of balance is accomplished by the addition of the Induro TH series tilt heads which offer an unprecedented level of camera support. Designed to match the Grand Induro monopods, the TH tilthead has both top and bottom mounted arca-swiss style compatible fittings.

Model #Max Height (inches)Folded (inches)Weight (lbs)Load capacity (lbs)Price

Grand Turismo Tripods

Grand Turismo Stealth carbon fiber travel tripod kits are expedition ready.

Induro combined a reverse folding compact tripod with a slim profile BHM ballhead to create the ultimate travel tool for photographers. Featuring a unique design that provides maximum stability, these tripod kits are ideal for a variety of cameras and lenses. Each Grand Turismo kit comes with a BHM series ballhead, deluxe carrying case and short column for low-level work.

Model #Extended w/column up (inches)Folded (inches)Weight (lb)Load Capacity (lb)Price

Classic Tripods

Classic Series Stealth carbon fiber tripods are the heart and soul of the Induro Brand.

Induro designed the Classic series tripods to the highest standards, and ended up creating tripods that are strong, stable and reliable. These tripods will never let you down in the field or anywhere else. The wide stance cross-braced lightweight magnesium alloy spider, ultra-light Stealth Carbon Fiber legs, oversized center column lock and enhanced leg angle locks all contribute to a tripod with greater stability, rigidity and higher load capacity.

Model #Extended w/column up (inches)Folded (inches)Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
CLT00453.518.52.3 lbs13.2 lbs$280
Tripod Kits

Classic Monopods

The Stealth carbon fiber classic series monopods offer the all important support that photographers need in tight spaces, plus the mobility required for fast shooting situations. They’re ideal for being on the move when shooting sports, nature, landscape and travel.

The ergonomic half-turn leg locks provide fast setup and incorporate a specially designed dust and moisture-resistant seal to ensure reliable performance in virtually any environment. The large rubber foot assures slip-free operation on virtually any surface.

Model #Maximum Height (Inches)Folded (Inches)Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Cost

BHL Ballheads

BHL low profile ballheads provide support with exceptionally high load capacities. The BHL heads feature oversized head lock knob with unique integrated lock limiter tension control, a hand polished ultra smooth hard anodized ball, independent panning action lock and much more. Features an Arca-Swiss style quick release system with double safety lock and built-in bubble level for maximum flexibility.

Model #Camera MountBase Diameter;
Matching Tripod
Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
BHL1S1/4 -20 QR Plate (PU60)2.00.922$200
BHL2S1/4 -20 QR Plate (PU60)$250
BHL3S1/4 - 20 QR Plate (PU70)2.71.535.3$300

BHD Ballheads

INDURO BHD triple-action ballheads offer increased load capacities, large ergonomic locking knobs, adjustable drag and tension control, independent panning control and much more. Made of precision-machined magnesium alloy and incorporating an arca-swiss style quick release system for maximum compatibility and flexibility, these heads are designed to handle virtually any shooting situation and equipment – from compact to full-sized professional gear. Includes a matching arca-swiss compatible quick release plate.

Model #Camera MountBase Diameter;
Matching Tripod
Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
BHD01/4 -20 QR Plate (PU50)1.80.917.6$125
BHD11/4 -20 QR Plate (PU50)$150
BHD21/4 -20 QR Plate (PU60)2.91.339.7$175
BHD31/4 -20 QR Plate (PU60)3.31.955.1$200

TH Tiltheads

Induro Tilt Heads are the perfect fit for your monopod. They offer a unique arca-swiss style base, which adds versatility to your toolkit. Utilizing a disc lock system controlled by a single knob, these heads are simple to operate and are very strong. Each tilt head comes with an all-metal lens plate, which has a backstop to prevent your long lenses from twisting.

Model #Camera MountBase Diameter;
Matching Monopod
Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
TH21/4 -20 QR Plate (PL70)2.20.822.0$120
TH41/4 -20 QR Plate (PL85) 2.71.118$200

PHQ Panheads

INDURO PHQ-Series Panheads offer a completely new concept in camera positioning with quintaxially adjustable movements. Providing dual tilt, base and top plate rotation, and an arca-swiss style quick release system, this head offers photographers full repeatable indexing on five axes for maximum control and flexibility. Unique folding control handles make packing and transport easy. Ideal for studio and on-location shoots plus extended panoramic, QTVR, spherical and 3D photography. Each Panhead includes a matching arca-swiss compatible quick release plate.

Model #Camera MountBase Diameter;
Matching Tripod
Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
PHQ11/4 -20 QR Plate (PU60)$225
PHQ31/4 -20 QR Plate (PU70)2.71.835.3$275

PHD Panheads

The PHD series pairs ballhead speed with panhead precision.

The robust single locking knob controls precise multi-axis camera positioning. An additional independent lock knob controls 360-degree rotation on a panning base with a graduated scale. The top mounted quick-release system rotates 90 degrees to match the orientation of virtually any arca-swiss style compatible camera, lens and accessory plate. A dual safety lock on the QR clamp allows lateral adjustment of camera plates while also ensuring a safer and more secure change of equipment. Ideal for architectural photography, studio and on-location shoots as well as anyplace where speed and precise solid camera position are important.

Model #Camera MountBase Diameter;
Matching Tripod
Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
PHD31/4 -20 QR Plate (PU70)2.71.844.1$325

BHM Ballheads

BHM-Series slim profile ballheads feature double action separate positioning and pan controls, a hand polished ultra smooth hard anodized ball, a universal arca-swiss style quick release mounting plate system, and a new integrated lock limiter tension disc – all with positive locking knobs.

Model #Camera MountBase Diameter;
Matching Tripod
Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
BHM1S1/4 -20 QR Plate (PU60)2.00.922.0$175
BHM2S1/4 -20 QR Plate (PU60)$200

GH Gimbal Heads

INDURO GH-Series gimbal heads are ideal for very long, heavy telephoto lenses used in sports or bird/nature photography. Vertical and horizontal tracking of fast moving objects is quick and easy. And balancing a camera/lens system on a gimbal head makes it essentially “weightless” providing freedom of movement not possible with any other support system. All heads include an arca-swiss compatible quick release plate.

Model #Camera MountBase Diameter;
Matching Tripod
Weight (lbs)Load Capacity (lbs)Price
GHBA1/4 -20 QR PlateN/A1.1TBA$175
GHB11/4 -20 QR Plate (PU85) 2.01.8TBA$325
GHB21/4 -20 QR Plate (PU100) 2.23.3TBA$425
GHB2C1/4 -20 QR Plate (PU100)2.23.0TBA$550

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